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We prescribe a friend

“For sadness, we prescribe a friend”*
For despair, we prescribe a friend
A friend
One who listens with care
A friend
One who does not compare
A friend
One who is always there

For disappointments, we prescribe a friend
For crises in life, we prescribe a friend
A friend
One with open arms
A friend
With whom you can laugh and cry
A friend
One who loves you for who you are

For sorrow, we prescribe a friend
For heartache, we prescribe a friend
A friend
A solace in time of need
A friend
One who brings you cheer
A friend
All that you need!

*quote by Rumi”

Separation cooks…

“Separation cooks”
And this is the cooking that transforms raw ingredients
Into a delicious stew
Fire and heat bind the pieces together
To create a beautiful whole

Heat is not comfortable
It is not desirable
But it’s necessary to achieve the goal

One has to burn in the fire of trials to attain wisdom

And separation is a trial
It’s not comfortable
It’s not desirable
The fire of separation burns the heart
And consumes the soul
But what is the result?
Wisdom, forbearance, steadfastness, patience
And a more mature love!

Lida Berghuis
November 13th, 2014


One drop of kindness

“One drop of kindness makes the ocean sweet”

Kindness is love
Kindness is being other-oriented
Kindness is gentleness
Kindness is the warmth of someone’s heart

Kindness requires effort
Requires that we pay attention to someone else
Kindness is the absence of ego, being self-centred

Kindness is encouraging words that bring others joy

Kindness says I see you
I care for you
Kindness says I’ll make time for you!

Kindness gives comfort
Kindness listens with care
Kindness is silent when someone makes a mistake
Kindness does not judge, does not compare

Kindness brings joy
Kindness makes one smile
Kindness is a balm for an injured heart!

Lida Berghuis
November 10th, 2014


If that’s OK…

When I arrive in the spirit world
I’d like to hang out with Rumi
Said a friend of mine…
Pick his brain for a while
Bask in his wisdom
Ask a few question and
Just hang out!

When I arrive in the spirit world
I’d like to hang out with Khanum, said I
Thank her for her guidance when I needed it most
Show her my gratitude for being frank with me
And telling me things I sometimes did not want to hear
Or was not aware of

Thank her for her visits to my dreams
When the days were dark
Thank her for opening my heart to poetry
Thank her for showing me the value of art and creativity
Thank her for being there when things did not make sense
When I needed hope, and encouragement
When I needed to know someone was looking out for me

Each dream of her was like a beacon of light
Each one a jewel in the night
Her warm embrace
Her beautiful eyes
Her words of wisdom
These are the things that sustained me
I can never thank her enough

So, dear Khanum
I’d like to hang out with you for a little while
If that’s OK
when I come to the spirit world!

Lida Berghuis
August 28th, 2014

*Khanum refers to Ruhhiyih Khanum or Mary Maxwell

Healed by poetry

Poetry heals
How, you say?
The same way music uplifts you!
The same way a piece of art intrigues you!
The same way a song speaks to you!
The same way a story moves you!

Is communion with the ‘Divine’
Poetry is sacred
That’’s what I’’ve been taught

Rumi, Hafiz, Tahirih
Nourish my soul with magical words
Words like diamonds
Priceless and pure
Words like rain
Wash my pain away

And when I hear a poem I need to hear
It shakes me to my foundation
Truth is revealed
Growth occurs
Someone has touched my soul!

The instrument of the Divine
Complex issues
Are laid out

Poetry heals
Poetry guides
Poetry uplifts
Poetry defines

Lida Berghuis
April 26th, 2010
Inspired by ‘Saved by a poem’

Rumi’s wisdom

We are the cup that floats on water
Water outside
Water inside

Gradually we drink our fill
The cup fills up

At that moment
The cup sinks and
The water inside
Joins the water outside

Is this annihilation
Or returning home
Is this he end
Or the beginning of freedom?

Lida Berghuis
Oct. 20th, 2011

The magic of poetry!





Sometimes we search for our identities
Especially if we are transplants in society

Born in the East
Bred in the West
I used to feel somewhere in between!

I felt at home in the West
But I was not sure
What to do with my Eastern roots
Eastern and Western
We are all one
But it took me a while
To reconcile these two parts!

It started when I began to read
The ‘translated’ poems of Rumi
The West made this Eastern jewel accessible to me!

For the first time I was really drawn to poetry!
This was not any poetry
It was mystical, and touched my heart!
It helped me understand!
It helped me heal!
It helped me see things more clearly!

Perhaps poetry is the great equalizer
It lets us know that we all have the same struggles
The same questions, the same fears and doubts
And we all need to love and be loved!

Perhaps poetry is all about love
Love for the Divine
Love for our fellow man
Love for the noble beings that we are

And then I put pen to paper
And wrote down my thoughts, my feelings
My experiences in life

Writing poetry was healing
Somehow feelings that were bottled up inside
Were allowed to slowly flow out!

The Western me and the Eastern me

Mingled and

The  poems were the result


Lida Berghuis
March 23rd, 2013


“Dance when you’’re broken open
Dance if you’’ve torn the bandage off
Dance in the middle of fighting
Dance when you’’re perfectly free!”*

Dance, dance your sorrow away
Dance and forget regret and loss
Dance a dance of thankfulness
Because your suffering is a guide

Dance when you have tears in your eyes
Dance and feel the weight lift off
Dance when you don’’t feel like it
Dancing will set you free

Music has power and sway
Music lifts us up
Music feeds our soul
Music the antidote

Dance in celebration
Dance in preparation
Dance at the beginning
Dance at the end

Change is a constant in life
Dance at each stage of life

Dance my friend, like dervishes do
Round and round, on and on…
Dance to commune with the angels above
Dance and listen to their song

Angels will sing the purest melody
Angels will be your guide
Listen to them carefully
What you’re looking for is not that far

Lida Berghuis
May 12th, 2010