Archive | September 2020

Bonds that bind 2


These bonds of friendship criss cross the world

Borders can’t stop us now

Distance has lost its meaning

Air travel somewhat unnecessary

And then at a click of a link

I find myself with my dear friends

Friends I would not have gotten to know

If it was not for the internet

We sit in our homes

In different time zones

And talk about matters 

That are important to us

We exchange ideas

We smile and laugh

It’s amazing what the World Wide Web 

Has done for us

In the age of Covid and social distancing

Zoom and other platforms have come to our rescue

Can’t imagine life without them now

Sometimes I interact with people who live in other countries

More than people who live in mine

These international bonds have enriched my life

Without them these days, I would feel lost

September 26th, 2020


The hardest part was exiting the cement wall

It was created to keep me on the other side

To keep me from seeing what was behind the wall

But there is always a way

And after many tries I left

What I saw on the other side was

The hustle and bustle of the city

Children eating popsicles and they walked, talked and laughed

I saw artists at work

I heard the cacophony of the sound of the cars and 

People sounding their horns

The concrete wall tried to contain me and stop my growth

But I was determined to grow

And slowly, painstakingly, I used my creativity

To grow and grow

My branches are lush with leaves now

Let me be an inspiration to those who

Want to move through the barriers of life

I may be bent, but I am happy

September 14th, 2020


It’s like a spring

What bubbles up are beautiful thoughts

And beautiful words

Each day there is something new

A poem

A photograph

A painting

A story

And the spring keeps bubbling up

The source, deep within the earth of our hearts

It’s like a spring

It waters the meadows that lie like a green carpet around us and under our feet

And hope is also a spring

The why and how not clear

But it exists in the hearts of those who see

September 8th, 2020

Sound of silence


Where have the notes gone?

Why this deafening silence?

They were there until a while ago

And now they’ve fallen on the ground like fall leaves

Where have the notes gone?

We should be cheerful and happy

But there is no music to be heard

The page is bare and our hearts feel empt

Where have the notes gone?

I can still hear the melody in my head

It coloured my days

But now the days are dreary

Let’s gather up the notes

And rearrange them on the page

Let’s be agents of change

No waiting for others

Let’s be dreamers and builders

Architects of the future

It’s up to us to change things

And fill the world with music again

September 4th, 2020