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Solitary hours



I sit in solitude
My mind roaming in a world
That is here, but is not
It’s close to us
But it can be far

Silence brings me there
Reflection guides me there
Inspiration is found there
Serenity resides there

It’s like roaming in a rarified atmosphere
Examining reality
Listening to the voices within

It’s like opening a gateway
To a different world
A magical world
A mystical world

And these wonderings are so liberating
So intoxicating
So addictive
That they call me back each day
Lest my day not be spent
Even if it’s momentarily
In that world of mystery

Lida Berghuis
September 25th, 2013

Me, me, me!

The insistent self!
Me, myself and I!
What suits me!
What benefits me!

Me me me!
My my my!
My comfort!
My pleasure!
My fame and fortune!

That’s all good and that’s all well!
But it doesn’t lead to lasting happiness!
Let’s look at the times I’ve been happy
Let’ examine them, let’s see!

Isn’t it when I’ve helped someone else?
Made someone else’s day?
Showed someone else the way?

Isn’t it when I do for others
What I hope others would do for me?
Isn’t it when I treat others
With kindness and generosity?

Why is that?
Because that’s what I’m meant to do!
Who I’m meant to be!
How I’m meant to live!

Sadness comes when I think of myself
My problems, my challenges
Sadness comes when I don’t get my way

The insistent ‘I’ needs to be tamed!
Needs to be controlled!
Needs to be transformed!

‘I’ needs to be replaced with ‘we’
Therein lies felicity
This is the road I choose for me!

Lida Berghuis
September 16th, 2013

Angels on earth

Some people radiate positive energy
I’m happy when they are around
The warmth of their spirit can be felt
They shine like a brilliant light

There is a twinkle in their eyes
A spring in their step
There is a warmth in their touch
Which makes my heart melt

There is a sweetness in their voice
That can’t really be described
There is a tenderness in their heart
That can make me cry

These are angles that walk on earth
These are the souls that touch my heart

Hard-headed girl!

I don’t wanna!
You can’t make me!
I’ll do it my way!

What is that?
Is that rebelliousness?
Is it being strong willed or hard-headed?
Is it being unreasonable
For no good reason?

Whatever it is
It’s a part of me
It’s been that way
And it will be

It can be seen as
Being independent-minded
Not a follower
But a trendsetter
It can be problematic too
Because sometimes
Following directions is what is needed

But that’s so boring
So predictable
So normal
Much better to be different and stand out!
There is however the risk of
Being wrong
Been there, done that
Many times!

I still tend not to follow some rules
Don’t like to be told what to do
Don’t want to be like everyone else
And that will sometimes mean
Learning from my mistakes!

I value independence of thought
Trying the way that has not be tried
Doing things that haven’t been done
Going somewhere I’m not sure of

I will follow most rules most times
But not all of them, all the time!

Lida Berghuis
September 14th, 2013


Another fall, another season, another day
Another rendezvous at my place of calm
A rendezvous with myself and my thoughts!

This is what brings balance into my life
This is what nourishes my soul
This is what cheers my heart!

My daily rendezvous
To contemplate
To go only where quiet can take me
Where silence is the guide
Where words appear
Seemingly out of nowhere
Where I feel refreshed
After saying my piece
To who I’m not sure of
But what I am sure of
Is that this rendezvous is now necessary
Not optional!
It centers me
It relaxes me
And I’m even content not to know why!

Lida Berghuis
September 12th, 2013

If you wonder why!

You wonder why I laugh out loud
Why when I laugh, it’s from the depth of my heart
You wonder if I’m ever sad
You wonder of I ever feel down

I want you to know that I’ve also cried
Sometimes days on end and month after month
Sometimes I’ve cried so much
There were no more tears to cry

I want you to know that I’ve been down
Not once, not twice, but many times

I want you to know I’ve been on the edge of the abyss
Where I stood and wondered why I should not jump
I want you to know that I’ve known sadness, frustration, confusion and more

I laugh now because I know life can be tough
Challenges can assail us from every side
Surprises, pleasant and unpleasant are part of life

I laugh now because I have cried
And persevered long enough
To see the clouds part and the sun shine!

Lida Berghuis
September 6th, 2013

Where do hairpins go?

Where do hairpins go?
They seem to disappear into a void!
I think there is a secret place in the house
Where all the things that are seemingly lost
Get together and hang out!

The place is of course unknown to you and me
But it has to exist surely!
Things don’t just disintegrate
At least that’s what science says
So, this secret hideout of all things lost
Must be somewhere in the house!

The left earring you lost
The quarter you thought you had
The USB key you can’t find
The numerous socks that leave their partners
Making us wonder what to do
With the one that got left behind
They’re all hiding in this secret place
Grinning form ear to ear
Enjoying the fact that they have made us frustrated
One more time!

Lida Berghuis
Sept. 5th, 2013

Happiness is contentment!

imageHappiness is finding reasons to be happy now!
Happiness that depends on some distant goal
Some yet to be achieved milestone
Will fade as soon as the goal is reached
Because we’ll set ourselves another goal!

Happiness is in thinking of all the blessing we have now
All the things that are going right
All the things we may take for granted…
Happiness is in contentment

Goals are good
But happiness should not wait till they are achieved
Let’s give thanks for what we have today
It can be health
It can be family
It can be having coffee on a sunny day!

Happiness is having good friends
Friends who support us in times of trials
Happiness is in viewing trials as gifts
From the heavens above

Happiness is in finding meaning in life
Helping others less fortunate than us
Happiness is contentment

Lida Berghuis
September 1st 2013