Archive | October 2020

Deep connection


Close friendships
Are deep connections

We all yearn for connection, for love
Loneliness is known to be lethal
Through connections we grow
Friendships brings us boundless joy
In a world of trials galore
Our friends, our life savers and more

A good friend listens to what we say
A good friend shares their wisdom with us
A good friend is there in joy and sorrow
A good friend has no down side

Making good friends is an art
We have friendships of many kinds
But who do we reach out to in difficult times?
Who knows what’s really in our hearts?
For whom do we take the mask of “I’m fine” off?
With whom can we for hours talk?

This thing called friendship which costs nothing
except for time an love
Is the greatest asset in our lives

October 28th, 2020



Sometimes a period of solitude is good


And instead of going to far off places

Going within

Sometimes a period of solitude is good

Listening to oneself think

Or just simply being

In my solitude I like to write

That’s how I keep myself company

My dialogue is an internal one

I speak intimately with my spirit

I pose questions

I present ideas

I mull things over

I analyze

Sometimes we need to listen to ourselves

Reflect a bit


Solitude can be healing and energizing

But for me it should not last too long

October 24th, 2020

Light upon light


Yesterday I saw a tree

Wearing it’s fall orange gown

It sparkled so beautifully in the sun

It had me mesmerized 

Today I saw the same tree

But it didn’t shine like yesterday

Today is a cloudy day

The sun is missing today

I think beauty is more than appearances

It comes from the light that shines on us

The light of virtues and good character

That’s what makes us beautiful 

More attractive

A plane face shining in the sun

More wonderful than a beautiful face that’s dull

Now, a beautiful face in sunshine

That’s called light upon light

October 3rd, 2020