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The old fashioned way!




I take out my notebook and my pen
It’’s so last century
But what the heck!
My notebook is not out of battery
Or dependent on a server
My pen writes the right letters
And does not mistakingly auto-correct

Yes, I can’’t directly post it
On Facebook
But perhaps we post too often
Too much, too soon!

You can decide not to mail
A letter after some contemplation
The send button is not there
As a temptation!

Oh, yeah letter writing is also passé
We used to do it, but now we e-mail instead
My son was not sure where to put the
Sender’s address
And called the stamp a sticker the other day
And the letter he wrote
Was an assignment for school
He may not write another letter
Anytime soon!

Everything is digital
Fast and real-time
Breaking news is ordinary now
We can see what’’s happening
In any part of the world
For that we only need a cell-phone

But …While I wait for my IPad
To find the server
I will write and read the old fashioned way!

Lida Berghuis
Oct 30th, 2012

I’m home

I’m home

I’m home and I feel surrounded by love
I’m home and I can lay my burden down
I’m home and I can recount my trials
I’m home and I thank the heavens above
I’m home and there is no room for pretense
I’m home and I can be myself

I come here tired and spent
I leave here feeling refreshed and alive
I come with a heavy heart
I leave with joy and delight

I come covered by the dust of the world
I leave free from it all
In our lives, hectic and rushed
This is a place of peace and calm

Your spirit is present in each room
It envelopes my weary soul
Refreshed and consoled I leave here today
Thankful for this piece of heaven on earth

Lida Berghuis
October 26th, 2012
At the Maxwell home in Montreal


It’s painful to smile
And cry inside
This pain I have felt
Many times

Shutting out others from my pain
Pretending to be someone I’m not

So easy to fool others it is
I can put on a smile anytime

I’d rather be myself
But don’t know how
My smile is my trademark after all

Yet I feel fake
I feel dishonest
As I keep up that radiant smile

They say how are you
Expecting “I’m fine”
How can I not oblige?
What do I say?
“I feel terrible”?
“I feel anxious”?
I feel like an imposter most times

When others don’t look
My smile fades again
No reason to pretend any longer
When others don’t look
I can be me
“The tired me”
“The scared me”
“The confused me”
The me who longs to reach out
But does not know how!