Archive | June 2016

My phone book

My phone book is
Somewhat disorganized
Some say that could be a
A reflection of my thoughts

I beg to differ
So please tell me
What you think
After you hear my out

My phone book
Is organized in a special way
Alex Dahl is written under A
Bob Thompson is under T
Now that’s a problem, because

When looking for the number of my Dentist
I’m not sure if I should look for
Tremblay or for Guy?

His name is Guy Tremblay
But did I record his name
Under the G of Guy
Or the T of Tremblay?

I try T
But it’s not there
I look under G
It’s not there!

I go through each page
Trying to find
The number of my dentist
And then to my surprise
I find it written under D
D for Dentist



Do you sometimes feel like
You’ve heard enough bad news?

Enough crazy talk on TV
About how the solution to everything
Is to build a wall and isolate ourselves

Enough disturbing talk about ‘the others’
Those who are ‘evil’
Those whose parents come from somewhere else

Enough news of people
Dying needlessly
And no one being able to
Change anything
Because of big money and greed

I’m at that point
Don’t want to hear the negativity
The attacks
The counter attacks
The spin

Answers that don’t say anything
Statements that come out of nowhere
And are paraded as truth

I know I’ll listen to the news again
But for now, I need a break
June 14th, 2016