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A new year

In the heart of winter

Challenges remain

People suffer

Our planet has been neglected

And maltreated

Injustice and prejudice continue to

Ravage many countries

But there is good will too

People who care

People who are peacemakers

People who serve their communities

People who are kind-hearted and honest

And this dichotomy is the characteristic 

Of the world we live in

It’s not all bad

But we have a long way to go

To allow our potential to come to fruition

We are diamonds in the rough

Sometimes seemingly unattractive

But the polish of the challenges of life

Will make us shine bright eventually

December 31, 2021

As I get older



When you look for your glasses

And find them on your nose

When you put the salad topping 

Next to your dog’s food in the cupboard

When names escape your mind

Like sand through your fingers

When your knees hurt from time to time

You know you are no longer 25

But that’s when you need to have compassion for yourself

Your body and memory may not be in their prime

But your heart is most likely more tender

Your rough edges have been smoothed in the rapids of life

You have more perspective and patience

Yes, the wrinkles have appeared and are there to stay

But wrinkles speak of challenges and lessons learned

Of laughter and joy

So be gentle with yourself 

And think of what you have rather than

What you may have lost

December 28th, 2021

The touch

The warmth of a touch

The love it communicates

The care it shows

The gentleness it conveys

The attachment it demonstrates

The warmth of a touch



Life giving


The warmth of a touch

So much tenderness

So much ardour

So healing

So blissful

The warmth of a touch



December 27th, 2021

Masks and Omicron


I’ve graduated from wearing cloth masks to boring surgical masks

The blue ones still remind me of hospitals

So, I have the black version

They are disposable but can be worn more than once

No washing necessary as before but 

I still leave the form of my lipsticked lips inside them

The down side of masks is that it’s hard to hear others talk

It’s hard to to be heard

My smile can’t be seen 

They are inconvenient, but

Masks are essential during these times

The N95 variety preferably 

Omicron is not playing games

It definitely means business

These years will be remembered as masked years 

A few weeks turned into a few months, and now a few years

If there were more unity among us

Life would have been simpler

But some don’t see it that way

They don’t want to be told what to do

They don’t want to conform

They question science 

They don’t trust the experts

Countries need to cooperate too

We are not isolated entities anymore

What happens in one country will affect the other ones 

Unless we come together and be united in our thoughts

Unless we are mindful of the influence of our actions on others

We will be wearing masks for a while longer

This is our reality right now

What we do affects the outcome 

December 26th, 2021


We thought we were reaching the end

We thought we had done enough sanitizing

Enough distancing

Enough not socializing

We thought online schooling was a thing of the past

We thought vaccines protected us

We thought the holiday parties would take place

We thought we could go into work again

But we were mistaken

Along came Omicron 

And away went our hopes and plans

Omicron which attacks with a vengeance

Omicron which evades vaccines

Omicron that transmits easily

Omicron where did you come from?

Why are you here?

Maybe we are not cooperating enough

Maybe we are not united in our actions and thoughts

Maybe we didn’t think enough about other countries

Maybe, maybe, what now?

There are many lessons to be learned

To bring us together as one family

Where the welfare of one is the welfare of all

And the problems of one are the problems of all

We are learning these lessons the hard way

We tend to be stuck in our ways

December 19th, 2021