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She was silenced …
Or was she?
Her words will enchant us for years to come
How can one silence a trumpet blast?
How can one hide the sun?

She had to wear a veil and speak from behind a curtain
But even though her physical beauty was lost to others
Her inner beauty was evident in her precious, gem-like words

She could not travel alone
But travel she did
Far and wide
How can a tornado be bottled?
How can a raging river be stopped?

She had no say in who she would marry
But she did not stay in the confines of the home
With the one she did not choose or love

She was not supposed to lead
A woman’s place was at home, not in mosks and schools
But she broke those rules too
Thousands of men and women were devoted to her and
Hung on her every word

Her courage and strength and her fearless temperament
Were her shield
Her conviction, her guide
At a time when women
Were not supposed to be seen or heard
In a culture that did not value women
She broke the mould and cried out!

Her gifts were other-worldy
Her dreams, her guide
Her heart was set on freeing women from bondage
Her inspiration, the Word of God!
Don’t, can’t and it has not been done
Had no effect on this spiritual giant of our time!

Lida Berghuis
August 22nd, 2014

Healed by poetry

Poetry heals
How, you say?
The same way music uplifts you!
The same way a piece of art intrigues you!
The same way a song speaks to you!
The same way a story moves you!

Is communion with the ‘Divine’
Poetry is sacred
That’’s what I’’ve been taught

Rumi, Hafiz, Tahirih
Nourish my soul with magical words
Words like diamonds
Priceless and pure
Words like rain
Wash my pain away

And when I hear a poem I need to hear
It shakes me to my foundation
Truth is revealed
Growth occurs
Someone has touched my soul!

The instrument of the Divine
Complex issues
Are laid out

Poetry heals
Poetry guides
Poetry uplifts
Poetry defines

Lida Berghuis
April 26th, 2010
Inspired by ‘Saved by a poem’

The veil of oppression!

I wonder how men would feel
If they were told to veil themselves
So that they don’t entice women!

Are men unable to restrain themselves
When they see beauty in women?

Does modesty mean not showing hair
Hands, legs and or the face?

Or were women asked to veil themselves
So they could be not seen and heard?

The veil
A symbol of oppression
The black tent that hides the body
The hair and the spirit of women

The veil
Prescribed by tradition
Not religion

The veil
And morbid

Beauty is to be celebrated
If you ask me!
Yes, modesty
I agree
But being enclosed
In a black tent
Is not the epitome of modesty

At a time when the East was
Steeped in tradition
Tahirih threw away the veil
Her spirit
Strong and free
Fought against dogma
And tyranny

And because of souls like her
Women will be freed
Their spirits will be freed
Their limbs will be freed
They will be heard
And they will be seen!

Lida Berghuis
April 25th, 2004


There was a time
When women were not seen,
heard or could move about
Hidden behind a veil
A curtain
Or the walls of the house
The woman was not seen, because
Her beauty would tempt men
Her safety would be in danger!
Anyway, that was what was said at the time!

Women were not heard
Outside the house
They spoke to other women
But with men in public places
They could not converse
Their duties confined them to the house

Women could not easily travel and
Move about
To be a model of chastity
In their homes they would reside
No need to travel anyway
Since they were not allowed to learn
Teach and have a public life

At such a time
Appeared a women named Tahirih
The pure one, the solace of the eyes
She wanted to learn, teach,
And travel abroad
Her restless mind and soul
Could not be confined

In pursuit of knowledge
A fearless lioness
An orator
Admired by women and men alike
A scholar, a poetess, a teacher, a leader
The like of which no one had
Seen in Iran

Tradition could not silence her
Convention could not stop her
She was a free spirit
Unique in the land
Her words and deeds
Brought fear to man!

A champion of equality
An activist for change
Unhindered by tradition
Ready to forge ahead

Her affection could not be bought
Life with the King, she even denied
Her heart belonged to the King of Hearts
Her poetry a testament to that love

Her spirit too frightening
For those in power
They wondered how to
Contain her

Prison did not prove sufficient
In time
Her life would be a sacrifice
To her Cause

A brilliant star devoted
To truth and love
Taking her life they thought
Would stop her rise

But you cannot stop the sun
From shining
You cannot stop the moon
From guiding
You cannot cover up the stars

Tahirih galvanized so many hearts
Her sacrifice
Had marvelous results

She inspired women
In the East and West
A model of courage, purity
And steadfastness

Her life will be celebrated
For all time
Those who tried to silence her
Failed outright

Their vision so small
Their hearts so cold
Even the fire of Tahirih’s words
Did not warm their souls

A woman leading men
Unheard of!
But Tahirih was the woman
Who dared to try!!

Lida Berghuis
February 6th, 2011

The thread of words

With the thread of words
I sew my heart to yours
Words convey the love
Deep within my soul

We all express love
In different ways
Expression of love through words
Is my way!

By nature shy
And somewhat reserved
Writing is how I express

Writing is easier than
Saying things
But it still requires
Compassion and courage

Lida Berghuis
July 2nd 2004