Every day should be women’s day


Every day should be women’s day

After all they are our mothers, sisters and daughters

After all it’s women who raise the next generation

They sacrifice their ease and comfort

They are the glue that keeps the family united

They are strong in times of turmoil

They are compassionate and patient

What can men do to show their appreciation?

Treat them like they want to be treated

See them as equals in decision making

Support them so they can achieve their potential

Appreciate all the sacrifices they make

Acknowledge the important role 

They have in educating children

Give them the attention they deserve

Listen to them when they want to talk

Treat them as equals in relationships

Respect them as partners in their lives

Happy International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2023

Women, life, liberty


Girl children are being poisoned


Because they fear them

They fear the strength of their character

They fear their desire to for equality

They fear their resolve to achieve it

Why else would they poison them?

Women have shown how powerful they are

How determined they are

How fearless they are

How disruptive of the norms of the regime they are

This poisoning will only strengthen their resolve

It will bing their cause to the world

It will show the cruelty of those in power

And how low they will go to achieve their goals

The day is near that all these atrocities will come to an end

When those responsible will be prosecuted

When justice and equality will return to our land

When women, life, liberty will prevail

March 3rd, 2023

For the women and girl children of Iran



Woman, life, freedom

Zan, zendegi, azadi

The cry of not only women

But also men who support them

Because lifting up women

Will lift up society, which includes men

Women are centre stage

Women lead

And when women lead

Things are bound to change

Their passion, their conviction

The wrongs they have suffered

Have fanned the flames 

Flames that are spreading like wild fire

And burning the structures that have 

Tried to keep them in their place

October 1st, 2022

Only my pen

You are on the streets

Demanding your rights

Demonstrating for equality

Jeopardizing your life

I only have my pen

And with my pen

I will sing your praises

I will applaud your courage

I will celebrate valour 

You are heroines raising your voices

Voices that are being heard around the world

You are sacrificing your safety

Risking arrest and imprisonment

Even death

I only have my pen

And with my pen

I will ask others to pay attention to your cause

To demand justice and cry out your names

In great assemblies

So we can honor the memory of all the Mahsa Aminis of Iran

I only have my pen


September 30th, 2022

I see you victorious



We hear your voices now


You who have been mistreated


We stand behind you

Because your cause is our cause and

Your freedom, our freedom


Wronged for so many years




The world sees you in the streets

The world sees you burning your scarves 

The world sees men also fighting for your rights

At issue

A dress code that has been imposed on you

A dress code that you have fought till now

A dress code that has nothing to do with modesty

A dress code for which you have been arrested and harmed

At issue

Equality in all areas

At issue

Your dignity being respected 

At issue

Your right to freedom

Courageous women 

I see your hair flowing in the wind

I see your clothes being your choice

I see your future as bright 

I see you triumphant and your cause victorious

September 22, 2022

For the women of Iran

Champions of light

Darkness is always conquered by light

Because the cause of light has many champions

Champions who fight with the sword of their words

Who light up their surroundings with their love

Champions who having suffered know what suffering is

Who are strong and don’t give up

Champions for the cause of justice and equality

Champions who fight for women everywhere

Champions who protect the rights of girl children

Champions who help elect a women president

Darkness may seem all consuming

But because of these champions, it will be defeated in time

February 18, 2022

Inspired by Amineh Kakabaveh

Iranian Swedish member of parliament


beach during sunset

Women are powerful and self assured
Problems don’t faze them
They are willing to go where no one has gone before
Adversity, from their purpose does not detract them 
Where others see a seed, they see a tree
Where others see challenges, they see opportunities
Their spirit is indomitable 
Their intuition strong
Don’t discount women 
They are the future 

January 27th, 2022



Why do we value certain activities over other ones?

Why is working in an office remunerated but not raising a child?

Why is someone’s worth equated with the job they do?

Why is a skilled worker building a house not valued

As much as the architect who designed the house?

We’ve created these categories in our minds 

Certain jobs are more desirable

Certain activities more worthwhile

In reality, we need each and every occupation

For a society to function 

Imagine if the garbage men go on strike

The history of what is valuable work for women

Has changed over time

From being a mother and an educator 

Responsible for the affairs of the home

To working outside the home and competing with men

Perhaps we need to move to the next stage

And value unpaid work again

Rearing and education children

Keeping an orderly home


Artistic work

Caring for the sick and aged

Rewarding these activities monetarily would be great

But until then, we can just value them

For the real and essential ‘jobs’ they are

Any activity that serves a purpose and serves the community

Should be valued

August 30th, 2021 

Women of our times

We read a poem written centuries ago

When the place of women was at home

When they had to do the bidding of men

When they did not receive much education

They did the domestic tasks and raised children

A noble thing to do

But in society they were not seen

And jobs outside the house for them was out of reach

Men ruled, made laws and conducted business

They even had time to write poetry

Women had to be pretty, pleasant and obedient

That was their role in society

Those days are behind us

Can’t go back there

Times have changed

Women’s expectations have changed

Educated women do what men do

To their homes they are not confined anymore

Do we have equality?

Not exactly

But we are on our way

Change happens slowly

July 29th, 2020

Women of our times



In response to a recent honor killing:
Women have been under the control of men for a long time

Their lives restricted

Their choices restricted

Their whereabouts restricted


Sometimes men have gone too far

In exerting their authority over the women of their lives

Lives have been lost

Families put into mourning

Societies horrified


Sometimes these actions have gone unpunished

Encouraging others to do similar things


But times have changed

Today we recognize that women need not be

Controlled, guided or protected by men


Today, women have the same roles in society that men do

Their education is the same

Their responsibilities are the same 

And so should be their rights


Laws have been tilted in favour of men for a long time

That no longer makes sense

A community that is not just cannot thrive


May 29th, 2020