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It’s not my thing!

Darling, what do you think
Of this poem I wrote?


I try to read his body language

Is that a blank stare?
Is he overwhelmed?
Is he processing what he’s just heard?

So, what do you think?
I ask again…

Silence still!

It can’’t be that hard
To say I didn’’t like it
Or I did
I wait for the verdict patiently
Hoping that over the years
Something has changed
That he has developed an appreciation
Of poetry

The answer comes suddenly
It takes me by surprise
But,  I don’’t know why

“Darling, you know poetry is not my thing”…”

How can poetry not be his thing?
Poetry touches the heart and soul

How can poetry not be his thing?
I don’’t get it
I really don’’t!

Lida Berghuis
February 28th, 2012

Courageous women

IMG_3633 (1)

Courageous women
Breaking the mold
Taking the path less trodden
Going somewhere unknown

Courageous women
Breaking with tradition
When tradition did not answer
The questions posed by their hearts

Courageous women
Leaping out of the shadow of men
And Lighting the world
With brilliant light

Courageous women
Who didn’t believe in can’’t
Were not deterred by obstacles
Who dared to dream
Who dared to try

Courageous women
Spiritual giants
Powerful yet calm
Determined yet gentle
Persuasive yet mild

Courage can be quiet
Courage can be calm
Courage does not need to
Shout out

Courage needs no audience
Or praise or approval
Does not search for glory
Or fame or hurrah

Courageous women in the past
Courageous women of our time
Your audacity, our light, our guide!

Lida Berghuis
February 10th, 2012


When colour seems to have
Drained from your world
When all you want to do
Is stay home
When you’ve tried to shake it off
For the thousandth times
When you think you can’t go on

Don’t despair
Hang in there
There’s a way out of
This tunnel of gloom
Don’t give up
Keep searching
You’ll be able to smile again

Your patience will be tested
Many times
Your prayers seem to fall on deaf ears
Progress can be slow
But be assured
In this battle
You’re not alone

Many people have been
Where you are
Many people are willing to
Help you out

When heavy chains seem to
Weigh you down
When you live life in slow motion
Most times
When everything you need to do
Seems like a giant task
When creativity seems like a
Thing of the past

Don’t despair
Don’t give up hope
The first step is to reach out
And let someone know!

Lida Berghuis
January 31st, 2012