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Broken winged birds

Does it matter where I come from?
Yes and no!
No, because we are all brothers and sisters
No matter where we were born

Yes, because acknowledging
My heritage
Is acknowledging who I am
Heritage and self-worth
Seem to go hand in hand

This did not make sense to me
A few years back
But I think I’m starting to understand

I love the West and what it stands for
But if I don’t appreciate the East
I’m not balanced

East and West
Hand in hand
Wings of a bird
Fingers of one hand

If I reject the East
I’m rejecting myself
I need me
And I need others as well

A broken winged bird
Cannot fly high
I want to soar
Soar in the sky!

Lida Berghuis
March 17th, 2004

I choose love!

When I choose love
I know there will be pain involved
So, do I let go of love
And live a life that is safe?
I think not!

I choose love
And I will take the pain
Because a life without love
Is even more insane

Without love
Life is colourless
Without love
Life is not worthwhile
Without love
Life has no purpose
Without love
Why should I be alive?

And yes, sometimes
When I choose love
Life becomes as clear as mud
Confusion reigns
And emotions fly
But in the end
It’s all worthwhile
Because without love
Life is colourless
And dark

So, colour me beautiful
Colour me joyful
Let love inspire me
Let love be my cause
And if I suffer
If I feel pain
It will all have been worthwhile!

Lida Berghuis
February 27th, 2006

Inspired in part by Khadijeh’s lament
Smith and Dragoman


I can read a map
But I would rather not
I can follow directions
But I often get lost!

Going North would be all right
If I knew which way North was!
And with all the one way streets downtown
If I make a wrong turn
I’’m out of luck!

The other time
All I wanted to do was to get back home
But instead
I took the scenic route!

I visited these new areas
I did not know existed
I saw new places
And tried to enjoy them

Finally I decided to ask
For directions
But remembering the directions
Was another challenge!

A GPS would be great
To tell me where to go
But for now it’s my hubby
On my cell phone!

Lida Berghuis
June 8th, 2004


*pre Google-map daysimage

Embrace pain!

“The hurt you embrace becomes joy”*
Pain is necessary for growth
You don’t have to look for pain
It will simply come your way

The hurt you embrace becomes joy!
If you accept it and
Listen to its message
If you let it shape you
And build you anew

The hurt you embrace becomes joy!
Leads to understanding
Leads to emptiness
Leads to humility
Leads to accepting kindness

This is the way of the world
So don’t run away from pain
Embrace pain and sorrow
Live with them
Learns from them
Let them lead you to somewhere new

The hurt you embrace becomes joy
If you fight it
It will fight back
If you let go
It will let go too

Pain is like the broom of life
It cleans things out
So you can build again
Make a new beginning
Come to new understanding

Pain is a gift of life
So …..
“Welcome sadness
Welcome pain
I’ll embrace you
When you come my way!”

Lida Berghuis
July 12, 2010


No man’s land

neither here, nor there
neither east, nor west

no man’s land
not my land
not your land
neither east, nor west

between cultures
between ages
between east and west
neither here nor there

not a science
not an art
not precise
neither here or there

not a child
nor an adult
neither old or young
neither here or there

not quite there
neither here
between here and there
neither east nor west

no man’s land
that’s my land
between here and there
between east and west!

Lida Berghuis

One poem a day!

One poem a day
Keeps the doctor away
One poem a day
Helps me exhale

Writing is a form of therapy
Or maybe over time
It has become a part of me

Thoughts and ideas
Whirl in my head
They bounce around
I examine them

Once they are on paper
I feel relaxed
I’’ve said my piece
I’’ve had my chance

Water that flows
Stays clear and bright
Words are like water
The river, my mind

Lida Berghuis
June 26th, 2004

Let me be silly!


Sometimes I just want to be silly
Giggle and laugh at anything
Life is too short
And too complicated
To be serious all the time
We need to lighten up
And take one day at a time

We get so serious when we get older
It’s much more fun to be a child
Why do we forget how to play
To be a princess or a pilot in the sky?

The responsibilities of life
Weigh us down
But I’’m not going to be
Weighed down

I’’m going to take the time
To laugh and play
To smile at the things that
Life brings my way

So, I guess that makes me
Seem immature or undignified
But I don’’t think that’’s what dignity’s about

I don’’t mind going against the norm
And if I end up breaking some rules
At least I’’be been true to myself
At least I won’t have any regrets

Lida Berghuis
March 24th, 2004