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Coffee grounds 2

Coffee grounds

Read me my fortune
Read my coffee grounds
It’s like looking for shapes in the clouds
There are dark splatters and light ones
There is bubbly foam
Dots and lines

Symbols hiding secrets
Splatters creating interesting designs
And all that in a coffee cup
Sitting in front of me
Begging for attention
From your eyes

No, I don’t think all that you will say
Will come true but
Read me my fortune
Just the same
Just for fun!

Tell me of the adventures I’ll have
The travels to come
Tell me where I’ll go first
And who will come

Tell me that I will manage
Navigating the trials of life
Tell me sunny days will always follow
Rainy ones

Tell me the joys of life
Will wash away the sorrows that come
Tell me things that I know
But like to hear one more time!

I know what I do
The path I take
Counts for a lot
I’m not a mere observer
In my own life

Read me my fortune
Read my coffee cup
It’s right here and so are you and I

Lida Berghuis
May 28th, 2013




“The castaway’s worst mistake is to hope too much and do too little”*

Feeling depressed is similar to
being stranded on a boat in an ocean
with no land in sight

Every day is the same
The challenges are the same
The fears are the same
The limitations are the same
The questions are the same
Why am I here?
What happened?
How am I supposed to survive this?
Who is going to rescue me?
How long will this agony continue?
When will this nightmare end?

Floating on an ocean of negative thoughts
Dark clouds of hopelessness surround you
Sometimes it pours misery
Sometimes the heat of trials is unbearable
Sometimes you feel numb to all feeling
And all the while you wonder how to go on

The loneliness is intense
No one to console you
No guarantee that the rescuer
Will arrive in time
Or that you will find your way
Out of this maze

The mistake is to rely on hope only
To choose patience over action
To count the days
Till someone comes

The mistake is to think
That the only thing that brings you joy
Is the sight of land

Salvation lies in realizing that
Some of the answers lie within you
Your actions will determine your fate
Praying is appropriate
But so is taking a stand!

Salvation is in problem solving
When no solution seems to come to mind
Salvation is in not giving up
No matter how many times
What you thought may work proves wrong
Salvation is in taking small steps each day
Steps to help you stay afloat a little longer

It’s no picnic
No walk in the park
But giving up is not an option
Persistence and action is the answer
To finding a way out!

Lida Berghuis
May 24th, 2013

*Life of Pi


Youth is feeling free to do what you want
Even if others say it’s impossible
Youth is leading with your heart
More than your mind

Youth is enthusiasm,
Appreciation of life
Youth is realizing that the best is yet to come

Youth is allowing yourself to be silly
And not caring about what others think
Youth is looking for answers
Trying to figure things out

Youth is optimism and
Believing you can make a difference
Youth is about not focusing on
The outer trappings of life

All of these qualities can grow with time
So, youth is not an age, it’s a state of mind!

Lida Berghuis
May 13th, 2013


We are stronger than we think we are
That thing which seems impossible can happen
The pain that seems unbearable
Can be tolerated
That sorrow that seems is here to stay
Will eventually leave
That problem which has been trying you
For so long
Will eventually be solved

All it takes is patience
All you have to do is not give up

When the goal is lofty
The path is often rocky
It’s better to expect set backs
At the start

Life is a marathon not a sprint
Said someone
We have to build up our stamina

Each defeat can teach us something
Each mistake can be a stepping stone

It takes a strong will
Not to give up at the first sign of trouble
It takes strength to leave what’s in the past
There and move on

LIfe has a way of teaching us these lessons, I’m afraid
It’s up to us
To learn from them nor not!

Lida Berghuis
May 16th, 2013

Not today!

I care about the news of the world
But not today!
I pay attention to my to do list
But not today!
I have my daily routine
But not today!

Sometimes I need a day
Like today
When I can leave my cares behind
Think of other things
Or nothing at all!

My duties and responsibilities will be there
Tomorrow and every other day

So, today I choose to forget them
Set them aside
Take a break from them
Banish them from my mind!

Because without days like today
I will bend and sometimes break!
We all have different limits of endurance
The load you can easily carry can break my back
I now know that I can’t and should not compete
With those who can carry heavier loads
Or have unrealistic expectations of my own

I hope I’ve learned how to take care of myself
I hope I’ve figured out what rejuvenates me

And so today…
I write myself into my peaceful place
The place of serenity and calm
The place of tenderness and love
The home of joy and peace of mind!

Lida Berghuis
May 11th, 2013

Beauty revealed!

Beauty revealed!

The purpose of art if any needs to be stated
Is to bring beauty into our world
Or to reveal the beauty that exists!

Beauty inspires
Beauty heals
Beauty eases the suffering
That is inevitable
In life

Beauty soothes the soul
And calms the heart

Beauty elevates and
Bestows joy

Beauty vivifies and

Beauty makes hope blossom!

Lida Berghuis
May 6th 2013