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Why I write


Writing, just to write

Because writing makes me feel alive

Why do these letters and words on paper 

Have so much power?

These words are the reflection of my thoughts and feelings

And my thoughts and feelings are the reality of who I am

I see myself reflected in these markings on paper

This is a snapshot of who I am at this time

The place where I am in my journey in this world

Sometimes interesting things come to my mind

And I share them with others

Writing is a means of communication

And relationships are built on communication

Our relationships are what matter and what bring us joy

So I’ll keep writing to share my feelings and thoughts 

with those who will listen

And to create a self-portrait in this moment in time

April 27th, 2021



Sometimes it’s good to have no plans

Sit and let your thoughts play in the playground of your mind

No place to be

No appointments to keep

Nothing to cross off your to-do list

Just sit and stare

Or in my case, write 

With with no agenda or plan

Write as a kind of meditation

With no goal in mind

These times are rare but essential

Our souls need maintenance too

If we fill up every hour of our day

We may burn out 

Or feel really tired

We need time to focus on positive thoughts

To look for beauty in nature or art

Perhaps create something just because

Take a break from the rat-race of life and

Breathe deeply

And after a while, when we are ready

Tackle the things that need to be done

April 25th, 2021

Peace of mind


In life, somethings that we think are valuable

Are actually holding us hostage

The energy we put into acquiring them

And preserving them

Can be used better somewhere else

That expensive something that you want

Can put you in debt

Isn’t peace of mind more important?

And some beautiful things need a lot of maintenance

To keep them beautiful, to protect them

So these things we seek

Bring with them their own preoccupations

Simplicity costs less money and energy

Needs less maintenance

And it doesn’t weigh heavy on our shoulders

April 25th, 2021

Albert discovers cooking

My prayers have been answered

Albert has discovered he likes to cook

And since he is working from home, that’s possible

Albert loves to marinade

He loves the concoctions that he makes to coat the meet

I guess that’s a bit like his love for chemistry

Me, I don’t like to marinade 

Too much planning ahead

Too much trouble 

And does it really change anything?

Albert loves Indian and Asian food

The spicier the better of course

He knows we can only handle so much spiciness

So he takes that into consideration

Butter chicken, Thai green curry, vegetarian recipes

He’s got a collection now that he can choose from

The good part is that he enjoys it

He’s not doing it out of pity for me

Some weekends Nick and Nat cook as well

So my cooking days are then down to four

I’ll take four out of seven anytime

I like this arrangement a lot

It took over thirty years for this most pleasant development to occur

But I’m grateful that it has

Cooking everyday is such a chore

No one should have to do that 

April 21st, 2021


Unpleasant tasks


Certain jobs are unpleasant to do

I postpone them as long as I can

Then I postpone them some more

Organizing my tax papers

Calling the roofers

Or the contractor I need to call

All kinds of paperwork

Visiting the bank adviser

Gardening and especially weeding

These are the tasks I avoid

Is there a solution?

I don’t know

They say you can’t wait to feel like it before you start

You just set a time and do it whether you want to or not

Today is one of those days

And I’m postponing my tasks

It’s much more fun to read and write

But I’m an adult and sometimes

I need to do those unpleasant tasks that need to be done

April 6th, 2021

Reaching out

pink flower

The desire to communicate has always been strong in me

Communicating what I think and feel

Things that are not that unique

Things that are relatable 

Things others may have experienced as well

Or putting things in new ways

Sharing something they might not have paid attention to

The desire to reach out has always been strong

The need to create links with others 

Connect the hearts

Create a sense of unity 

Create bonds with shared realities

Celebrate life 

Reflect on the sad times

And share the lessons learned

The desire to reach out has always been strong

April 4th, 2021