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Create your reality


When a negative thought comes your way
Replace it with a positive one
Don’t give in to it
Turn your head the other way
When you are about to complain
Think about what you are thankful for

Noble thoughts
Lofty thoughts
Loving thoughts
Create a positive reality
Nothing has changed
Except our attitude
And what we have chosen to focus on

Our thoughts are powerful
We need to stir them in the direction of optimism, high mindedness and gratitude

December 18th, 2019

If that’s OK…

When I arrive in the spirit world
I’d like to hang out with Rumi
Said a friend of mine…
Pick his brain for a while
Bask in his wisdom
Ask a few question and
Just hang out!

When I arrive in the spirit world
I’d like to hang out with Khanum, said I
Thank her for her guidance when I needed it most
Show her my gratitude for being frank with me
And telling me things I sometimes did not want to hear
Or was not aware of

Thank her for her visits to my dreams
When the days were dark
Thank her for opening my heart to poetry
Thank her for showing me the value of art and creativity
Thank her for being there when things did not make sense
When I needed hope, and encouragement
When I needed to know someone was looking out for me

Each dream of her was like a beacon of light
Each one a jewel in the night
Her warm embrace
Her beautiful eyes
Her words of wisdom
These are the things that sustained me
I can never thank her enough

So, dear Khanum
I’d like to hang out with you for a little while
If that’s OK
when I come to the spirit world!

Lida Berghuis
August 28th, 2014

*Khanum refers to Ruhhiyih Khanum or Mary Maxwell

The colour of contentment

What is the colour of contentment?
Pale pink
Like the petals of a flower
Stretched out in the spring sun
It’s easy on the eyes
Soothing to the soul
Contentment is one of my goals in life

What’ is the colour of gratitude?
Bright orange like the rays of the sun
It comes out in the morning
As I wake up

What is the colour of persistence?
dark blue
It’s a colour I haven’t been using much
But I intend to…

What is the colour of the spirit?
Pure white…
This colour enchants us
And transports us to another wold
This is my favorite colour of all

What is the colour of creativity?
It’’s crimson red
Like the colour of molten lava
That flows from the depth of
Our hearts

What’ is the colour of joy?
Bright red, like flames of fire
In the night sky
It warms, it delights
It brings us together
Like laughter or a heartfelt hug!

What is the colour of serenity?
Off white
Pure like spirit, gentle and kind
Serenity comes from wisdom

What is the colour of diversity?
The colours of the rainbow in the sky
The rainbow of diversity ends in
The pot of gold
I appreciate diversity
It’s in my blood!

Lida Berghuis
March 25th, 2010