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What I needed!

It’s like a re-birth!
What was lost
Is back again
The person I was longing for
The energy that eluded me
The smile that would be sincere
The laughter that would pierce the silence
Is back again!

After four months of darkness
I see the light
After four months of hopelessness
I have hope again
After four months of sorrow
I feel joy again

The confidence that had left
Is back
The reason to be alive
Joyful moments
Have returned
I don’t have to ask
When at last

What have I learned?
To have faith!
Who should I turn to?
My friends!
I needed to have implicit trust
In someone
I needed to share my sorrows
And to cry

To rid myself of this
Image of perfection
To be vulnerable
From time to time
To not be ashamed of
My weaknesses
To love who I am
All the time

My strengths
My weaknesses
My stumbles and falls
My struggles
My inadequacy
My foibles and all

It is so hard to find
Those we trust
It is so hard to share
When we’re down
It is so hard to hang on
When all hope is gone
It is so hard to believe
When darkness abounds

What will I say
To my friends?
How will they react?
Will they still love me?
Will they understand?

Shoulders to lean on
Friends to hold my hands
Those who won’t judge me
Those who understand
That’s what I needed
That’s what I got
That’s why am thankful
That’s why I smile!

Lida Berghuis
August 8th, 2008

The colour of contentment

What is the colour of contentment?
Pale pink
Like the petals of a flower
Stretched out in the spring sun
It’s easy on the eyes
Soothing to the soul
Contentment is one of my goals in life

What’ is the colour of gratitude?
Bright orange like the rays of the sun
It comes out in the morning
As I wake up

What is the colour of persistence?
dark blue
It’s a colour I haven’t been using much
But I intend to…

What is the colour of the spirit?
Pure white…
This colour enchants us
And transports us to another wold
This is my favorite colour of all

What is the colour of creativity?
It’’s crimson red
Like the colour of molten lava
That flows from the depth of
Our hearts

What’ is the colour of joy?
Bright red, like flames of fire
In the night sky
It warms, it delights
It brings us together
Like laughter or a heartfelt hug!

What is the colour of serenity?
Off white
Pure like spirit, gentle and kind
Serenity comes from wisdom

What is the colour of diversity?
The colours of the rainbow in the sky
The rainbow of diversity ends in
The pot of gold
I appreciate diversity
It’s in my blood!

Lida Berghuis
March 25th, 2010

Strong women

Strong women know to dream
Know what they want
They know what they are good at
And what they’’re not

They are compassionate and caring
But know how to set limits
They won’’t say yes to everything
They know when to say no
And when to say maybe!
They are wise and tactful
They are loving and sincere!

Strong women hang out with
Others who are strong
They feed off their energy
They learn, they try
Try new things
Are open to new ideas
They are adventurous
Out of the box!

Strong women are joyful and free
They are passionate
That’s easy to see!
Strong women like to forge new paths
Tradition is respected
But so are new ways

Strong women
Attract strong men
Together they are the
Wings of a bird
As they fly
They get stronger
They travel the world
Move in unison

Strong women keep on learning
And doing things
They never arrive
They keep going

I’m lucky to have
Many women friends like this
They inspire me
Their warmth surrounds me

From them I learn how to be myself
How to be true to who I am and take care of myself
From them I learn what passion is
What confidence and assertiveness is

Strong women
Help each other along
The success and happiness of one
Is that of them all
It’s a sisterhood
It’s a bond
That won’t be broken
During trials!

Lida Berghuis
May 22nd, 2010

One sock on!

One sock off!

Nicholas has
One sock on
One sock off
It’s an odd image
But what stands out
Is the he doesn’t mind!

I see him walking down the hall
One sock on
One sock off
I wonder why he doesn’t
Take the other sock off
Or put the first sock on!

Something odd
It catches my eyes
He is so at ease with himself

I ask him
“What happened to your sock?”
He says, “Natasha took it off!”
I am surprised that he doesn’t mind
He keeps walking
One sock on
One sock off
I keep staring at him
And wonder why
It bothers me that much
That he has only one sock on!

Lida Berghuis
February 23rd, 2004

The colour of love

What is the colour of love
One asked
Red is the colour of love
Said one
Red is the colour of passion and fun
Red is the best colour of all!

Yellow is the colour of love
One said
Yellow, the colour of my beloved’s locks!

Purple is the colour of love
Said one
Of sunrise, and sunsets and oceans of love

White is the colour of love
One said
Of purity and sincerity
Of the deepest love!

All colours are the colour of love
The answer came
When you are with the one you love!

Lida Berghuis
August 21st, 2007
After Martin Kerr’s concert at our home

Dinner woes!

What should we have for dinner?
I don’t know!
I actually don’t feel hungry
How about you?

The pizza I made yesterday
Is all but gone
What do you think about
A stir-fry?

Sounds good
But we have to prepare so much
All those veggies
Need to be cut

How about a curry
That sounds fine
But you like it hot
And the children, mild

Chicken nuggets
Is their favorite
But I know
You don’t like them

How about fesengoon?
That sounds great
But I feel so tired
It’s so late

We’ll pick up something
At the grocery store
Pre-fab food
Today, we need you!

It’s not healthy,
But I don’t care
Tomorrow is
Another day!

I’ll be good and
Cook some food
That tastes like what
My mother cooked!

Home-cooked meals
Prepared with care
The smell used to
Perfume the air!

Those good old days
Are all but gone
Today we sometimes eat
Out of a box!

Lida Berghuis
October 5th, 2003


I tell the computer
He says

Long pause…
Longer pause…
Server unable to connect!”

Server, please!
What is this?
I cannot connect
I’m sorry dear

To send this e-mail!
Well, dear
you’ve got to wait

But dear server
It’s hard to wait
Yes, I know
It’s hard to wait

Dear server
Try harder
Dear Lida
Wait longer

Wait, wait, wait
I wait, I wait
Wait, wait, wait
How long should I wait?

That’s the mystery
The mystery of patience
Patience in this age of
Instant access


I try again
“Server …
Unable to connect”

is this how you serve?
I’m sorry darling
You’ve got to wait

But my e-mail
How can I send it?
You just must wait
That’s all there is to it!

But that’s so hard
How can I wait?
Go write a poem
That might help!

Lida Berghuis
September 2002

How do you go on?

When darkness lingers
Day after day
When there is no ray of hope to be seen
How do you go on
And for what reason
What helps you not give up?

Where does that last ounce of energy come from?
Why do you try one more time
When it seems that day after day
Nothing changes
Nothing at all

Worst of all what do you do
When you see a ray of hope
Just to wake up the next day
And be enveloped in darkness
And lose that hope

And how do you smile again
After the frowns
How do you get up
After each fall

How do you put one foot
In front of the other
When they feel like lead?

What do you answer
When someone asks you
How you are doing today?

How do you go on
When there is no joy in life
When anxiety reigns
And all the colour has gone?

How do you see yourself
Living the rest of your life
When pain persists
And so do trials

How do you believe
That things will change
And prayers will be heard
One day?

I don’’t know the answer
I just know
We keep going because we have to
Because there are people who love us
And need us to
Because we are stronger
Than we think
And even when everything seems so very bleak
We have no choice
But to persist

And when it seems
That prayers are not heard
It’s probably those very prayers
That give us courage and give us strength

Lida Berghuis
March 2nd, 2007

“Mommy, you will feel better”
Nicki said
I wanted to believe him
And day after day
I would look at the paper airplane
That he made
With this message of hope
And promised myself
I would keep it until the day
I could finally say
Yes, I feel better today
And that day did come!!


“Dance when you’’re broken open
Dance if you’’ve torn the bandage off
Dance in the middle of fighting
Dance when you’’re perfectly free!”*

Dance, dance your sorrow away
Dance and forget regret and loss
Dance a dance of thankfulness
Because your suffering is a guide

Dance when you have tears in your eyes
Dance and feel the weight lift off
Dance when you don’’t feel like it
Dancing will set you free

Music has power and sway
Music lifts us up
Music feeds our soul
Music the antidote

Dance in celebration
Dance in preparation
Dance at the beginning
Dance at the end

Change is a constant in life
Dance at each stage of life

Dance my friend, like dervishes do
Round and round, on and on…
Dance to commune with the angels above
Dance and listen to their song

Angels will sing the purest melody
Angels will be your guide
Listen to them carefully
What you’re looking for is not that far

Lida Berghuis
May 12th, 2010



So tell me dear, do you cook?
Can you make fesenjoon*, or tah cheen*?
Can you make curry or a quiche?

Only when I choose to
Only when I wish…
When friends are over
And bring some cheer
That’s when I cook!

When Venus is in Saturn
And Jupiter dances with Pluto!
When the stars are just so
And the moon just so
When I’m happy and inspired
When I’m rested and not tired
That’s when I cook!

When the mood is right and
Friends come to play
When I think of the smile
I’ll see on their faces!
That’s when I cook!

Cooking is an art
So I hear
And relaxing too
I find that weird!
When I want to make others happy
That’s when I cook!

Lida Berghuis
December 9th 2002

* These are Persian dishes.