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Not too late

It’s never too late…

It’s never too late
To live the life we want to

When we’re young, we make decisions because
we feel we’re expected to do certain things
We don’t do other things because it goes against
the conventions of our time

When the tree is young
It can sway in the wind of do’s and don’t
As it becomes stronger
It can stand firm and tall

In mid-life, with the experience of youth
We know better who we are
What we want
What we need
What we can’t live without

This is the time to live the life we are meant to live
Do what brings us joy
Live authentically

It’s never too late…
No, the time’s just right!

Lida Berghuis
October 30th, 2015

To Whatsapp or not to Whatsapp….u

They tell me I spend too much time on Whatsapp
I’m staring at my phone too much
When we’re talking I should put my phone away
And look them straight in the eye!

I agree with complain number three
Eye contact is important when we talk
But what I do when I want to wind down
Is my business
For me to decide

If I wasn’t on Whatsapp I’d probably be on Facebook
If I wasn’t on Facebook, I may be watching TV or listening to news

We all need down time and what better way
To spend it with friends, old and new

Why not learn about someone else’s point of view?
Why not reconnect with one’s home town?

So maybe I’m on Whatsapp too much
But it’s my down time and I’ll do what I want!

Lida Berghuis
October 30th, 2015

long live diverstiy

Don’t have to convince you if you don’t agree
Don’t have to move you if you don’t want to be moved

I’m happy to be who I am, you’re happy to be who you are

Don’t need to defend my point of view
Don’t have to be right all the time
No need for everyone to agree always
Long live diversity of opinion and thought

To be in the moment

What does being in the moment mean?
I think it means being happy and content at the time
Not thinking how wonderful things would be if…
Or how awful it was yesterday when…

It means finding beauty in everything
Each step of the way
Not rushing to get to the next sign post

It means appreciating the mundane repetitive
Things we do each day
Because the fact that we can do them is a blessing

It means giving our attention to the task at hand
Less multitasking

Being in the moment involves finding things
To be thankful for no matter
What we are doing and how we feel

Realizing that even the unpleasant things of life
Are part of the puzzle
That they will pass
And if we learn something in the process
That is their gift to us

Lida Berghuis
October 26th, 2015

Golden waterfall


Standing under the waterfall of grace
Refreshed with the beauty I see all around

Standing under the waterfall of grace
The sounds of water rushing, drowning all other sounds

Standing under the waterfall of grace
Thankful for all that has come my way
Joyful days to cheer my heart
Challenging times to make me strong

Standing under the waterfall of grace
Looking back, looking forward
Knowing that I’m whereI’m supposed to be
Looking forward to what’s to come!

Standing under the waterfall of grace
Light reflected in the water that falls
Creating a golden waterfall!

Lida Berghuis
October 25th, 2015

Taking the edge off



When I see the pain on her face
I want to take an eraser and erase it

When I see the pain on her face
I want to come up with magical words
That will wash the pain away

When I see the pain on her face
My heart aches as well

My first instinct is to try to stop her pain
But sometimes all I need to do
Is to take the edge off the pain

A hug, an understanding glance
A sympathetic response
An acknowledgement of the ‘hurt’
Is all that’s needed

No, it won’t take the pain away
But it will give her a respite
From the severity of it

It will tell her that she’s not alone
That there is someone who understands her

It will tell her that someone is aware of
The turmoil she’s in

It also sends her the message that
She’s strong enough to endure the distress
That has come her way

No, I can’t make the pain go away
But my empathy can make a huge difference
In making the situation more bearable
And in taking the edge off the pain

Lida Berghuis
October 6th, 2015

A true friend

A friend is someone I can call on day or night
And she will have time for me

A friend is someone who cheers me on when
Things get tough

A friend is someone whose hug gives me energy
To go on

A friend is essential in life
She’ll be my life boat when the waters get rough
She’ll be my shelter when rain pours down
She won’t make my problems go away
But she makes life bearable until I get back
To my place of calm

She won’t make the hurts of the past disappear
But her understanding heart will take the edge off
Those jagged parts of my life

A friend is someone who encourages me to
Fight my own battles, but is there to support me
As I struggle and fight

A true friend is as precious as the air I breathe
More valuable than riches
The sun in my sky!

Lida Berghuis
October 4th, 2015

nothing changes

Days go by and nothing changes

The same room
The same people
The same food
The same isolation
The same restrictions

The same injustice
The same false accusations
The same unfair treatment

And as there is no change
Days slow to a crawl
The world loses its colour
And it takes a mighty effort
To see the cup as half full
Or by now, a quarter full!

Patience, immense patience is required
Faith, an unshakable faith is needed
Love, a boundless love is called for

Only a noble soul can be subjected
To such unfair treatment and not complain

Only a noble soul can be thankful for having
Been chosen to suffer in the path of love
For his Beloved

Only a noble soul can stay strong and
Not lose heart

The same walls
The same colourless surroundings
The same deprivations

The same amazing courage!
The same reliance on God!
The same great sacrifice!

Lida Berghuis
October 1st, 2015
For the Yaran