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Prisons in Iran


Prisons are usually a place to house 

People who are dangerous to society

In Iran, that is the case as well

But prisons also house people who are dangerous to the regime

Writers who criticize

Environmental activist who tell it as they see it

Members of religious minorities

Those who oppose the government

Those who take part in peaceful protests

Those who lead these protests

Prisons have become the gathering place of 

Those who want change and are not afraid to talk

April 28, 2023



I try to be authentic 

Show my real self

Not a version I’ve created to please others

I try to be honest about my strengths and weaknesses

Not hide what may seem unpleasant 

We are all human

We all have faults

We go through tough times

All of us

So showing my authentic self

Will only reassure others that 

What they experience is not unique to them

It’s OK to not feel good

It’s OK to ask for help

That’s how we draw closer to our friends

We all age

Our hair goes gray

We develop wrinkles

We gain weight

That’s normal

If you look at the 60 year old who looks thirsty

Something is wrong

They are running from the process of aging

And they may make others feel less than

A few wrinkles

Our love handles

Will not make us less attractive 

Beauty comes from inside

From who we are and what we do

And how we treat others

I’ll admit one thing though

I’m not ready to stop colouring my hair

April 25th, 2023

Sunny day



Sunny days are fleeting 

The clouds always gather and rain falls

It’s like the days of our lives

We need to enjoy the sunny days

Sit outside

Go for walks

Soak up the sunshine

Because most likely tomorrow it will rain

Challenges will come

Illness may visit

Stressful situations my arise

But like real rain

These days are the days that water the ground

Of our hearts and souls

They may not be our favorite days

But they are necessary for our growth 

Without rain, we don’t have lush gardens and meandering rivers

Without rain, we don’t appreciate the sunny days as much

Today is a sunny day

And I’m sitting in the sun

April 14th, 2023

Why fear?


No wonder people are hesitant to even use the word cancer

It used to be a terrible disease

Often detected too late 

Resulting in death often

We knew so little

Treatments were new and being developed

But things have changed

Early detection makes all the difference

Treatments are better and more effective

Years of trials and research has paid off

Cancer is no longer a death sentence

But being vigilant is important

Screening is important

A healthy life style is important

Prevention is the best treatment 

We need not be afraid of cancer

But we do have to be proactive 

April 13th, 2023

Love of my life


In the quiet of the early morning

It’s me, my iPad and my thoughts

It’s raining outside, Vancouver style

It’s good to be with family I don’t see often

It’s good to be taken care of as a guest

I do think about the surgery that’s ahead

But it should be OK

I’ll be brave

I know what to expect this time

A few days of discomfort and pain

But those will pass too

And with them, my time dealing with cancer

I think of my projects to come

So grateful I enjoy writing

So grateful I can share what I write

This is something I need never to retire from

This is the love of my life

April 11th, 2023

Six months


Six months of chemo is almost finished

It seemed so long to begin with

But life goes on 

Some months were easier and some more challenging

But if the result is good, it’s been worth it 

My hair fell out

That was traumatic

It’s growing now

That makes me happy

My nails got dark 

But I’ve painted them and they look good

That funny taste in my mouth

Does not go away

And I look forward to it being gone

Nausea only the first three months

Fatigue mostly in those months too

Maybe I was lucky to have only these side effects

It can always be worse

Now I look forward

Two operations and radiation therapy

That should be six months too

But life goes on 

And it will be over before I know it

April 3rd, 2023