Archive | November 2012

In an imperfect world…

We can try as hard as we can
Read as many self-help books as possible
Attend workshops on relationships and communication…
But our world will still be a messy place
Conflict will not go away
Pain will not disappear
Anguish will still come our way

I’m not saying we should not try
All I’m saying is don’t expect perfection if you try
100% effort does not always result in an A+
Our world is imperfect
Even unjust
But we are resilient
We will survive

The image of a happy life being
A problem free life is for me no more
Problems are here to challenge us
Teach us, help us grow

Pain is unavoidable in life
Even those we love
We hurt sometimes
But we are resilient
We will survive

I’ll try to relish the joys in life
Live with the pain
Accept that our world
Is an imperfect place
And we are the imperfect inhabitants
Doing our best!

Lida Berghuis
November 22nd, 2012

Good byes

Good byes are only for those who love with their eyes
Those who love with heart and soul, never say good bye*

Heart and soul can bridge the distance
A mile, a hundred miles, a thousand miles

Heart and soul communicate
Without words, see without eyes

Heart and soul keep memories alive for a long time
Heart and soul traverse the distance in the blink of an eye

In this nether world, we also love with our eyes
But these eyes for eternity will not be around
Heart and soul, however, won’t abandon us

Lida Berghuis
November 14th, 2012




What is that?
It’s the spirit that shines bright!

Puts a smile on one’s face
A pep in one’s step
Creates wonder!

Wonder at the beauty of the world!
Wonder at all that we can know!
Like a fire in one’s soul!

Can be felt when it’s near
It cheers the heart
It cheers the soul

Means we have goals
We have projects
Things to do

Means we feel alive
Full of energy
Ready for fun!

Little things won’t get us down
There is plenty to be happy about

Like a light in the dark
What I like to be around