Deep connection


Close friendships
Are deep connections

We all yearn for connection, for love
Loneliness is known to be lethal
Through connections we grow
Friendships brings us boundless joy
In a world of trials galore
Our friends, our life savers and more

A good friend listens to what we say
A good friend shares their wisdom with us
A good friend is there in joy and sorrow
A good friend has no down side

Making good friends is an art
We have friendships of many kinds
But who do we reach out to in difficult times?
Who knows what’s really in our hearts?
For whom do we take the mask of “I’m fine” off?
With whom can we for hours talk?

This thing called friendship which costs nothing
except for time an love
Is the greatest asset in our lives

October 28th, 2020

Light upon light


Yesterday I saw a tree

Wearing it’s fall orange gown

It sparkled so beautifully in the sun

It had me mesmerized 

Today I saw the same tree

But it didn’t shine like yesterday

Today is a cloudy day

The sun is missing today

I think beauty is more than appearances

It comes from the light that shines on us

The light of virtues and good character

That’s what makes us beautiful 

More attractive

A plane face shining in the sun

More wonderful than a beautiful face that’s dull

Now, a beautiful face in sunshine

That’s called light upon light

October 3rd, 2020

Bonds that bind 2


These bonds of friendship criss cross the world

Borders can’t stop us now

Distance has lost its meaning

Air travel somewhat unnecessary

And then at a click of a link

I find myself with my dear friends

Friends I would not have gotten to know

If it was not for the internet

We sit in our homes

In different time zones

And talk about matters 

That are important to us

We exchange ideas

We smile and laugh

It’s amazing what the World Wide Web 

Has done for us

In the age of Covid and social distancing

Zoom and other platforms have come to our rescue

Can’t imagine life without them now

Sometimes I interact with people who live in other countries

More than people who live in mine

These international bonds have enriched my life

Without them these days, I would feel lost

September 26th, 2020


The hardest part was exiting the cement wall

It was created to keep me on the other side

To keep me from seeing what was behind the wall

But there is always a way

And after many tries I left

What I saw on the other side was

The hustle and bustle of the city

Children eating popsicles and they walked, talked and laughed

I saw artists at work

I heard the cacophony of the sound of the cars and 

People sounding their horns

The concrete wall tried to contain me and stop my growth

But I was determined to grow

And slowly, painstakingly, I used my creativity

To grow and grow

My branches are lush with leaves now

Let me be an inspiration to those who

Want to move through the barriers of life

I may be bent, but I am happy

September 14th, 2020


It’s like a spring

What bubbles up are beautiful thoughts

And beautiful words

Each day there is something new

A poem

A photograph

A painting

A story

And the spring keeps bubbling up

The source, deep within the earth of our hearts

It’s like a spring

It waters the meadows that lie like a green carpet

Around us and under our feet

It’s like a spring

And hope is also a spring

The why and how not clear

But it exists in the hearts of those who see

September 8th, 2020

Sound of silence


Where have the notes gone?

Why this deafening silence?

They were there until a while ago

And now they’ve fallen on the ground like fall leaves

Where have the notes gone?

We should be cheerful and happy

But there is no music to be heard

The page is bare and our hearts feel empt

Where have the notes gone?

I can still hear the melody in my head

It coloured my days

But now the days are dreary

Let’s gather up the notes

And rearrange them on the page

Let’s be agents of change

No waiting for others

Let’s be dreamers and builders

Architects of the future

It’s up to us to change things

And fill the world with music again

September 4th, 2020

Our group


Why do I spend so much of my time 

With my friends around the world

On our WhatsApp group or on Zoom?

Why do I try to read every post?

Why have I done that for the past five years without fail?

OK, during two trips I was delinquent 

There is a bond that connects us that goes far back in time

New bonds have been created in recent years

The space in which we meet is a positive one

With words of wisdom

With poetry and song

With artistic photographs

With chit chat of good friends

With laughter and joy

Why would I not want to go back?


In this world full of challenges

We need these kind of spaces

Safe spaces

Kind spaces

Happy spaces

Where we can express ourselves

Widen our horizons

Learn new things

Or simply be with our friends


So much love and effort 

Has been put in this space over the years

It’s like a building that has been built

A fortress

A fortress to keep us safe during difficult times

This fortress is made of love


August 9th, 2020


ps: This group of friends is made of over one hundred classmates who went to high school together is the late 1970’s in Iran. Now, we live all over the world, spending time together in the virtual world, as well as coming together in person.

Yellow window panes

The yellow window panes frame a picture

That reminds us of the grandeur of nature

The yellow window panes are the perfect frame

For the shades of yellow and orange in the sunset

We are moved by the harmony and beauty of what we see


The rich colours of the sunset above

The lush green landscape below

Separated by quiet and imposing mountains far off in the distance

Remind us of the beauty of what’s around us if we look out the right window


If we look out a window that shows the splendour of nature

And the colours and patterns that mesmerize us

Our heart is gladdened and we feel hopeful

If we look out a window that faces a wall

Obstacles are what we see


So let our mind’s eye turn toward that which is hopeful and inspiring

Of the many windows in our home, let’s spend some time

Looking at what cheers and encourages us

And helps us see what is possible


July 28th, 2020


photo credit:  Yasaman Jahanshahi

Golden skies

It’s a golden sunset

The sky is bathed in gold

The water is a shimmering gold

The clouds are ribbons of gold

Is this our earth?

Or another planet?

In this golden sunset there is serenity and beauty

There is a sense that all is well with the world

How can this beautiful place be riddled with anxiety and disease?

How can in this world, man not love his fellow man?

How can in this atmosphere, the environment be under assault?

In this magical place,  peace doesn’t seem so far out of reach

In this golden sunset all is well

All is right

The way it should be


July 20th, 2020

Grey skies


The sky is grey

A low cloud cover makes one feel short of breath

The mood is somber and heavy

The time is in the past

When a tornado swept the land

And things were blown away and looted afterwards

When some men lost their place in society

And had to start all over again

A little dizzy from the fast pace of change and destruction

When the lives of youths were left in limbo

Making them wonder what to do

When boys became soldiers

And lives were lost in battle

When one’s political leaning

Could end one up in jail or worse

I wasn’t there during those times

But I’ve heard the stories now

And I wonder how I would have fared

Many of my friends stayed

And lived through the aftermath of the tsunami

There were injustices they witnessed

Some things seemed arbitrary at times

Those days were dark

Now, the sky is still grey

Sometime it’s hard to breathe

Sometimes it rains or it hails

Sometimes winds are strong and savage

And I wonder when there will be a little respite


July 10th, 2020


A poem about the 1979 revolution in Iran