My tea cup


My tea cup is white

And the word tea is written on it

Just in case I forget what it’s for

It has a rounded bottom which is pleasant to hold

Especially to warm my fingers on days that are cold

Many times when I pick up this tea cup

I’m transported to my youth in Vancouver

I taught English and this cup was the one

That sat on my desk during those years

I taught immigrants

I taught international students

And all the while my tea cup kept me company

Ready for when it was needed

This tea cup is around thirty years old

It has been with me in the various countries and cities

I have lived in

It has witnessed many things

It is one of the constants in all the changes in my life

Let’s have some tea!

January 10th, 2022

Freedom to choose


Why does mandatory head covering bother me so?

It’s because it’s something that is dictated by men to women

Why should men be able to control what women do and what they wear?

Why can they set the rules?

Optional head covering when it’s a woman’s choice I have no issues with

It’s when it’s being forced that it bothers me

Even if this were a religious mandate 

There should be freedom of choice to follow it

And what about those from other religions?

Hair is the adornment of women and men’s heads

Beauty is something to be celebrated

This idea of being aroused by women’s hair their body shape

No longer flies today

We live in a world that has changed

Ideas have changed

And trying to enforce old ways will not be easily tolerated

Women will fight against it

Women will prevail

It would be great if men did their share

To ensure the freedom of choice for women as well

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We can always go back


So, here we are in the middle of another lockdown

2022 is here and so is Covid still

Any hopes of it being over are a thing of the past

Thousands of flights are being canceled because

The personnel are sick and need to quarantine for days

Hospitals are trying to cope

Kids are back to studying online for a while

This virus is more stubborn that we thought

But we are stubborn too

We are not acknowledging our inherent oneness 

And dependence on each other

There are people who won’t get vaccinated

They will probably suffer most if they get sick

Countries are still looking out for themselves first

All kinds of false information is being passed around

Some governments are putting the lives of their people

In danger for political reasons

And in the middle of all this

Natalie helped me make my hair curly today

It’s its more natural state

I’m not super fond of it though

But it was worth a try

As to the world

Maybe we can give international cooperation a try

Try to follow scientific advice 

Think of others as well as ourselves

And if we don’t like it we can always go back

It is worth a try

January 2nd, 2022



A new year

In the heart of winter

Challenges remain

People suffer

Our planet has been neglected

And maltreated

Injustice and prejudice continue to

Ravage many countries

But there is good will too

People who care

People who are peacemakers

People who serve their communities

People who are kind-hearted and honest

And this dichotomy is the characteristic 

Of the world we live in

It’s not all bad

But we have a long way to go

To allow our potential to come to fruition

We are diamonds in the rough

Sometimes seemingly unattractive

But the polish of the challenges of life

Will make us shine bright eventually

December 31, 2021

The touch

The warmth of a touch

The love it communicates

The care it shows

The gentleness it conveys

The attachment it demonstrates

The warmth of a touch



Life giving


The warmth of a touch

So much tenderness

So much ardour

So healing

So blissful

The warmth of a touch



December 27th, 2021


We thought we were reaching the end

We thought we had done enough sanitizing

Enough distancing

Enough not socializing

We thought online schooling was a thing of the past

We thought vaccines protected us

We thought the holiday parties would take place

We thought we could go into work again

But we were mistaken

Along came Omicron 

And away went our hopes and plans

Omicron which attacks with a vengeance

Omicron which evades vaccines

Omicron that transmits easily

Omicron where did you come from?

Why are you here?

Maybe we are not cooperating enough

Maybe we are not united in our actions and thoughts

Maybe we didn’t think enough about other countries

Maybe, maybe, what now?

There are many lessons to be learned

To bring us together as one family

Where the welfare of one is the welfare of all

And the problems of one are the problems of all

We are learning these lessons the hard way

We tend to be stuck in our ways

December 19th, 2021

Back again


I’m at one of my favourite places, the coffee shop

Where I read and write and have time to myself

The place where I recharge my batteries

Things are not the same as before

We still wear masks

We still sanitize 

And now we show our covid passports

But we can have coffee with friends now

The conversation is lively at the tables next to me

Whereas a few months ago I may be one of the two people staying for coffee

Everyone seemed to take coffee to go

I don’t come to the coffee shop as often as before though

Albert has been working from home, and we have our morning coffee together

I try to write at home

But there are always distractions

The coffee shop allows me to focus 

And stay in my own world as long as I need

No one interrupts me

The door bell does not ring

No one asks me questions and derail the train of my thought

I need this solitude to write

I’m grateful for another visit to the coffee shop 

November 3rd, 2021

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Self care

Sitting here

Doing… not much 

Relaxing after a couple of busy weeks

I don’t feel rushed to be anywhere 

Don’t have to do anything at this very moment

These are the rare times of self care

When we are kind to ourselves

We all deserve a break

And my break looks like this

October 23rd, 2021

Daring to be


Daring to be is one of the hardest things

Daring to be exactly who you are and are meant to be

And not feel pressured by society or family

Daring not to conform to the rules

Daring not to take the beaten path

Daring to be different, to stand out and be true to oneself

Daring to be maybe difficult

But it’s the only way to serenity

October 10th, 2021

Fall is here


Fall is here

the carefree days of wearing sandals and dresses are gone

The scarves can come out

The verdure of the trees a waining

The magical colors of fall arrive

We will be indoors more

But we should not close our hearts

To kindness

To gentleness

To generosity

To love

Each season has its own beauty and prepares us for the one to come

Seasons change

Life goes on

And life is beautiful

If we try to bring some sunshine into someone else’s life

September 30th, 2021