Who you truly are

Embrace your struggle

It’s what will make you who you are

There are lessons you must learn

Gifts you must discover

And working through your struggles

Is how you will achieve those things

By overcoming your challenges

You will become the unique person who you are

They remove the veil and show what’s inside

Without toil and labor you are like a blank canvas

With them you can paint a lovely picture

So embrace the vicissitudes of life

They are gifts if you know how to open them

June 29th, 2021

Covid lessons


These seem like the last few months of Covid if all goes well

Vaccinations are underway

Places are opening up

We can get together in our back yards

But things can change

The variants can cause some problems

We are not quite out of the woods yet

Nevertheless we see the light at the end of the tunnel

At the same time, we are so used to doing things differently

That it will take time to move forward

This has been an interesting time

Working from home is a reality now

Zoom meetings are here to stay

So much time and money will be saved

So much better for the environment

We will still go places

Being in the presence of others still has its reasons

But much more will be done online

We’ll be leaving these times behind

Realizing that our welfare depends on the welfare of others

That we should consider the needs of our neighbours 

That the world is shrinking in size and the countries need to cooperate

The more privileged ones need to come to the aid of the less privileged

Our world is one

We can’t think of ourselves in isolation any longer

June 16th 2021


شقایقم در دریای گندمزار
تنها روی موجها در تلاطم
به انتظار دوستی
که بیاید و من را از تنهایی درا‌ورد

This poem is written in Persian and inspired by the beautiful photo my friend has taken.

June 8th, 2021

This is a rough translation not a literal one.

I’m a lonely poppy flower in a vast field of green and yellow

I’m looking this way and that in the breeze

To see if anyone is coming to assuage my loneliness

June 9th, 2021

Am I the only one?

I come home with what I think are 

Electric toothbrush heads

Only to discover the box contains a toothbrush as well

And I don’t need one

How did I make that mistake?

All I can tell you is that it’s not an isolated case

I’ve come home with a caramel chocolate slab

Instead of milk chocolate one

Chosen strawberry milk instead of chocolate milk

And the list goes on

Natasha asks me if I can read

Silly question of course but I get her point

Is it carelessness? 


The pictures on the packages and their location don’t help either 

I just hope I’m not the only person who makes these mistakes

June 4th, 2021

Shades of blue


I look at the lake 

I see different shades of blue

Egyptian blue

Savoy blue

Lavender blue

Periwinkle blue

Midnight blue

Picotee blue

These shades co-exist side by side

Creating a harmonious whole

People come in different shades too

If we appreciate our oneness

And co-exist peacefully

Like the different shades of blue on the lake

We’ll create a magnificent tableau

A world that is beautiful, diverse and united

June 1st, 2021

The gift of kindness

What does kindness feel like?

It feels like pure silk

So soft against one’s skin

What does kindness taste like?

The most scrumptious cake topped with cream

What does kindness sound like?

Like bird song that cheers the heart

What does kindness look like?

A beautiful figure dressed in white

What does kindness smell like?

A garden of colourful fragrant roses

So many ways to be kind

So many ways to touch someone’s heart

Kindness the best gift one can receive

Nothing else compares to this gift

May 17th, 2021

Why I write


Writing, just to write

Because writing makes me feel alive

Why do these letters and words on paper 

Have so much power?

These words are the reflection of my thoughts and feelings

And my thoughts and feelings are the reality of who I am

I see myself reflected in these markings on paper

This is a snapshot of who I am at this time

The place where I am in my journey in this world

Sometimes interesting things come to my mind

And I share them with others

Writing is a means of communication

And relationships are built on communication

Our relationships are what matter and what bring us joy

So I’ll keep writing to share my feelings and thoughts 

with those who will listen

And to create a self-portrait in this moment in time

April 27th, 2021



Sometimes it’s good to have no plans

Sit and let your thoughts play in the playground of your mind

No place to be

No appointments to keep

Nothing to cross off your to-do list

Just sit and stare

Or in my case, write 

With with no agenda or plan

Write as a kind of meditation

With no goal in mind

These times are rare but essential

Our souls need maintenance too

If we fill up every hour of our day

We may burn out 

Or feel really tired

We need time to focus on positive thoughts

To look for beauty in nature or art

Perhaps create something just because

Take a break from the rat-race of life and

Breathe deeply

And after a while, when we are ready

Tackle the things that need to be done

April 25th, 2021

Peace of mind


In life, somethings that we think are valuable

Are actually holding us hostage

The energy we put into acquiring them

And preserving them

Can be used better somewhere else

That expensive something that you want

Can put you in debt

Isn’t peace of mind more important?

And some beautiful things need a lot of maintenance

To keep them beautiful, to protect them

So these things we seek

Bring with them their own preoccupations

Simplicity costs less money and energy

Needs less maintenance

And it doesn’t weigh heavy on our shoulders

April 25th, 2021