The point of no return


I see people persisting and persevering

I hear their cries

Asking for freedom

Asking for equality

Asking for justice

I see people paying a price

With bullets in their bodies

With their bruises and injuries

With being intimidated and arrested

I see people’s bravery

Women removing their headscarves

The symbol of subservience

When not their choice

Men standing with women

Boys and girls arising

I see Iranians outside Iran

Supporting their bothers and sisters

Worrying for their safely

Admiring their courage

Praying for their well being

I wonder how long those in Iran have to

Put their lives on the line?

When will other compatriots join them and support them?

When will government agents stop hitting

And  sometimes killing their own people?

Their own brothers and sisters?

Their own compatriots?

When will this talisman break?

When will this darkness give way to light?

When will the people’s wishes for justice materialize?

The future is bright

But the path is to freedom

Is paved with blood and sacrifice and

Unity is the hallmark of victory

We are reaching a point of no return

Can this nightmare be coming to an end?

September 25th, 2022

For the brave women and men of Iran



Wolves in sheep’s clothing 

Serenely spearing utter falsehoods

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Attacking innocent people

Wolves in sheep’s clothing 

People’s eyes have been opened 

And they see through your disguise 

Wolves in sheep’s clothing 

Your days are now numbered 

September 23rd, 2022

For the freedom fighters of Iran

I see you victorious



We hear your voices now


You who have been mistreated


We stand behind you

Because your cause is our cause and

Your freedom, our freedom


Wronged for so many years




The world sees you in the streets

The world sees you burning your scarves 

The world sees men also fighting for your rights

At issue

A dress code that has been imposed on you

A dress code that you have fought till now

A dress code that has nothing to do with modesty

A dress code for which you have been arrested and harmed

At issue

Equality in all areas

At issue

Your dignity being respected 

At issue

Your right to freedom

Courageous women 

I see your hair flowing in the wind

I see your clothes being your choice

I see your future as bright 

I see you triumphant and your cause victorious

September 22, 2022

For the women of Iran

Depression is a cave


Depression is vast cave

The things one need for navigation are absent

There is no light

The path is not clear

You can fall at any moment over the obstacles on the path

You doesn’t know how long it will take

To get to the opening of the cave

There is so much uncertainty and you feel powerless

You take a few steps the best way you can

Not sure if you are going in the right direction

And the darkness is perpetual

No respite

Physical illnesses

Are like hiking through a dense forest 

The hike is challenging and requires stamina and will power

But at least you can tell where to put the next step

At least you can sing at the top of your lungs to pass the time

There may be a clearing here or there 

And you can be cheered by the rays of the sun

There are things that are unknown

But you have a map to navigate the path

You know how long the hike could be

There is discomfort

There is fatigue 

But one has the will power to push through

Depression is a cave

September 20th, 2022

Tears of sorrow


Tears run down the cheeks of the world

Her brow is knotted with anguish

Another injustice 

This time against a young woman who was innocent

Why did she have to die?

How long will these tribulations last?

When will equality and justice return?

When will the pain that is felt be alleviated?

When will joy return?

I think the road ahead is long

Change doesn’t happen over night

But we must keep our hopes up

We must march on despite the trials

We must focus on the good that is happening

Work for the betterment of our community

Collaborate with like minded people

And stay steadfast until freedom is achieved 

September 18th, 2022

Remembering Mahsa Amini

Capturing beauty


Sometimes I wonder at the beauty of nature

The awe-inspiring colours and contours

The mesmerizing combination of shapes and hues

From beauty we can see everyday

To beauty at the bottom of the oceans deep

The colours of the feathers of rainforest birds

The translucent creatures of the seas

The cacophony of the colours of the leaves in the fall 

The astonishing visual feasts that are sunsets 

So much beauty 

So much grace

A delight for our eyes and senses

We capture this beauty in the photos we take

Knowing that the original is even more amazing and exquisite 

September 15th, 2022 

Photo courtesy of Gita Kazerounian



It can always be worse

That’s why I try to be thankful under all circumstance

Of course I could have been more vigilant 

But that kind of thinking is not helpful

What has been done is done 

Now I try to look forward 

With a positive attitude

And gratitude for the treatment that is available

I will walk this path 

Stage by stage

And arrive at the destination

I will learn the lessons I have to learn

I will be considerate of those around me

I will be appreciative of the support I get

And this path will be another one in my life

That I need to traverse

Through challenges we polish the gems we are

Through challenges we mature in this life

Life is not always easy

And it’s not meant to be

When surprises come our way

We can still control how we respond to them

How we navigate them

And how we grow in the process

September 14, 2022

The kitchen sink

How do I feel now that I know my treatment will be longer than expected?
Chemo, another surgery, radiation therapy and reconstruction lie ahead
It’s a long haul
I’ve ticked out all the boxes among the possible treatments
They will throw everything at it
Everything but the kitchen sink
Looking ahead, it’s a little overwhelming
But it will be one treatment at a time
With time to recuperate
I’ll be the model patient
Optimistic and positive
I have the support of my friends and family
Many prayers are being said for me
Nevertheless it takes time to process the news
It’s not what I was expecting
But I know already that life is full of surprises
And each of them can be a teacher
But challenges are challenges
And need to be navigated with care

September 12th, 2022

La beauté


Merveilleuse beauté
Glorieuse perfection
L’âme de l’être humain
Est le soleil par lequel son corps Se retrouve illuminé!*
Cette beauté n’est pas superficielle En fin de compte,
La beauté n’est que le reflet de l’âme Qui apparait à nos yeux !
En contemplant
Un beau collage,
Un beau visage,
Ou un beau dessin
Ce qui apparait, c’est l’âme de l’artiste, Le soleil de ses pensées
En admirant
Une œuvre d’art,
Un repas délicieux,
Un design raffiné,
Ce que j’apprécie, c’est la beauté Qui se manifeste
Dans cette œuvre
La beauté élève,
Elle inspire
Et apporte joie et plaisir
La beauté n’est que le reflet de l’âme Se manifestant dans l’œuvre d’art

Lida Berghuis 2006

Translation by Fred Vellieux

écrits de Baha’u’llah p. 153-155

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Feeding one’s soul


We can’t please other people all the time and be happy ourselves
To please someone else, we put their needs first
It’s of course OK to do that sometimes
What we want can’t always be at the top of the list
But if we do that continuously
We will be neglecting your own needs and
Resentment builds
If we value ourselves
We must look out for ourselves
Do things that bring us joy
Serve others of course
But don’t forget we are important too
When we give priority to ourselves
Others may not understand
They will want our attention
And that, they can’t temporarily have
It takes courage to do what feeds our soul
But it’s one of the most important things we need to do

September 2nd, 2022