Uncertain times


An uncertain year lies ahead

When will we have the vaccines?

Who will get them first?

When will there be enough immunity?

When can we start visiting our friends?

When can musicians sing in front of crowds?

When will the news not be about COVID?

When will the children visit their grandparents?

When can we get together with our friends?

How long will we need to wear our masks?

How long do we need to stay two feet apart?

How long before some people can go back to work?

How long before a sense of normal?

No one has the exact answers to these questions

We have to get comfortable with the unexpected

We have to do our best to keep our communities safe

Short term pleasure will cause long term pain

We have to act based on the guidelines in place

By cheating, we are cheating no one but ourselves

We have to look beyond what pleases us

We have to realize others’ health depends on us

We live in a ‘me’ society

It’s time to change it to a ‘we’ society

November 27th, 2020

Dark clouds


The cold and damp winds of fall are blowing

I feel the cold in my bones

The dark clouds are shedding tears of sorrow

The exuberance of summer is gone

The world seems unfair sometimes

Goodness is not returned with good

Enmity seems to have the upper hand

As a pandemic ravages the world

I still believe in goodness

I think the good will be victorious

Sometimes it doesn’t look like that

But there is more to our lives than what we see

Goodness resides in the heart

It will be with us forever

Goodness perfumes the world

And cheers other people’s hearts

Injustice is like a cold dark night

But this dark night will eventually give way to dawn

Injustice can’t take goodness away

Injustice is due to the absence of love

November 23rd, 2020

Dedicated to the Baha’is of Iran

Architects of change


Change happens slowly

Change takes time

Change usually happens after suffering

We don’t learn our lessons the easy way

You’d think that we would naturally learn

To behave in a correct way

In a compassionate way

In a just way

But that’s not the path we have chosen as a society

We’re heading full speed to the edge of the cliff

And no matter what warnings we get

We are too drunk with immediate pleasure

With power and with wealth, to heed them

They say you have to hit rock bottom 

Before you are ready for change

I wonder where the rock bottom is for the human race

There are many wonderful human being

Caring people, generous people

But overall there is more darkness than light

More greed than beneficence

More hate than love

More disunity than unity

But in the end,  all we can do is play our part

Bring light into the darkness of the world

Bring joy to our friends and neighbours

There is no magic wand

It’s up to each of us to be the architects of change

Change will happen slowly

But what we do matters

We can make a difference 

November 13th, 2020

Eternal sunshine?


A year has passed

And my days are still sunny

How long will this sunshine of spirit last?

I’ve become accustomed to ups and downs

How will I react to constancy?

My mood has been a challenge most of my life

The possibility of a downturn each year, well and alive

But there is nothing to do but take it one day at a time

Be grateful for my blessings

Not take my health for granted

And do what I can to bring joy to the world

November 11th, 2020

A new era

This is a new era

An era in which women can be elected

To the highest office

An era in which being a woman

Will not prevent you from contributing to society

An era in which little girls

Can have role models in decisions making positions

A step toward equality

An era in which the women of colour can rise to power

Can rise to serve 

Can be included at the table of decision making

An era in which the children of immigrants can achieve

Their goals and dream

Many women have chanted and struggled for equality

The right to vote

The right to be elected to office

The right to head big and small corporations

And along with their expertise in various fields

Women can bring to the table kindness and caring

They can make decisions not just based on the economy

But instead based on the well-being of those they serve

Their psychological well-bing and their physical well-being

This is a new era

Long time in the making

May it lead to positive changes

A cooperative attitude

And decisions based on justice, compassion and equality

November 8th, 2020

Playing our part

Days of suspense

Days of uncertainty 

Will we return to decency? 

Will we promote equality?

Will we honour science?

Will we protect the environment?

This is not the responsibility of one person

We are all responsible 

The building needs a strong foundation

You and I are that foundation

Life will go on either way

Our responsibilities will remain the same 

Friendship with all our watchword

Cooperation is what we need

Each of us can teach by example

Each of us can serve our community

These dark days of isolation will be over soon

We will finally look outward and worry about those in need

Those days will eventually come

What we need to do is play our part

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Deep connection


Close friendships
Are deep connections

We all yearn for connection, for love
Loneliness is known to be lethal
Through connections we grow
Friendships brings us boundless joy
In a world of trials galore
Our friends, our life savers and more

A good friend listens to what we say
A good friend shares their wisdom with us
A good friend is there in joy and sorrow
A good friend has no down side

Making good friends is an art
We have friendships of many kinds
But who do we reach out to in difficult times?
Who knows what’s really in our hearts?
For whom do we take the mask of “I’m fine” off?
With whom can we for hours talk?

This thing called friendship which costs nothing
except for time an love
Is the greatest asset in our lives

October 28th, 2020



Sometimes a period of solitude is good


And instead of going to far off places

Going within

Sometimes a period of solitude is good

Listening to oneself think

Or just simply being

In my solitude I like to write

That’s how I keep myself company

My dialogue is an internal one

I speak intimately with my spirit

I pose questions

I present ideas

I mull things over

I analyze

Sometimes we need to listen to ourselves

Reflect a bit


Solitude can be healing and energizing

But for me it should not last too long

October 24th, 2020

Light upon light


Yesterday I saw a tree

Wearing it’s fall orange gown

It sparkled so beautifully in the sun

It had me mesmerized 

Today I saw the same tree

But it didn’t shine like yesterday

Today is a cloudy day

The sun is missing today

I think beauty is more than appearances

It comes from the light that shines on us

The light of virtues and good character

That’s what makes us beautiful 

More attractive

A plane face shining in the sun

More wonderful than a beautiful face that’s dull

Now, a beautiful face in sunshine

That’s called light upon light

October 3rd, 2020

Bonds that bind 2


These bonds of friendship criss cross the world

Borders can’t stop us now

Distance has lost its meaning

Air travel somewhat unnecessary

And then at a click of a link

I find myself with my dear friends

Friends I would not have gotten to know

If it was not for the internet

We sit in our homes

In different time zones

And talk about matters 

That are important to us

We exchange ideas

We smile and laugh

It’s amazing what the World Wide Web 

Has done for us

In the age of Covid and social distancing

Zoom and other platforms have come to our rescue

Can’t imagine life without them now

Sometimes I interact with people who live in other countries

More than people who live in mine

These international bonds have enriched my life

Without them these days, I would feel lost

September 26th, 2020