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Sunday brunch


Today, I’m happy because we have brunch guests

Covid put a stop to our monthly gatherings with our friends

Even now, the effects of Covid are still there

We don’t get together as often as we used to

It’s hard to put the habits formed in three years aside

It’s hard to remember we can socialize now

Zoom and WhatsApp are great

But face to face meetings are something else

When we sit across from each other 

We breathe the same air

Our presence affects our surroundings

It’s easier to feel someone else’s feelings

It’s easier to communicate love and friendship

Through coming together we can renew our energy

We can strengthen our bonds of friendship

So I’m happy we have guest today

I’m glad to be a hostess today

February 19th 2023

Good side effects


Chemo medications have side effects

So, they give you pre-medications which also has side effects

You tolerate the side effects of the pre-meds

So that you don’t have to deal with those of the actual meds

Nausea is one of the main problems of chemo

So they give you drugs to counteract that

Of course, we are grateful 

But what to do with the side effects of the nausea meds?

It’s a tangled web

But one that is necessary

The best way we can remove the cancer cells from our bodies

The same medications that kill the cancer cells

Kill our hair follicles as well

But luckily, this hair loss is temporary

And the hope is that the cancer cells never come back

Our nails can get darkened due to chemo too

But there is always nail polish

Our eyebrows will get thinner

But there is eyebrow pencil to help us out

I should not forget to mention the good side effects of chemo

For weeks I haven’t needed to shave or wash my hair

February 18th, 2023

Chemo session


She is lying under her white hospital blanket, her eyes closed

She may even be asleep

She looks serene 

He is on his phone

Doing something or other

The lady across from me seems to be content to just be

And not do anything

I’m listening to calming piano 

Attached to my IV

Which gives me medicine that will heal me

My nurse, a big, tall lady with beautiful manicured nails

Is sitting at her desk now

Doing something on the computer

We are not allowed to have family with us

So, Albert is in the cafeteria

Having driven me here

And ready to take me home

I am grateful

I feel groggy and tired as I type this poem 

Driving would not be advisable 

One of the nurses is with her patient now

Looking at the device that dispenses the chemo right into our veins

Lots of buttons, telling the time and the kind of medicine being dispensed

And tubes that come out of the device everywhere

One such tube is attached to me

And I can see the drip drip of the medicine

Half an hour to go, says the timer

Five weeks of chemo done

Seven weeks to go

But I live my life

And do what I need to and want to do

At a pace I choose

February 15th, 2023

Let us breathe


What we want is an ordinary life

We don’t ask for much

Just allow us to wear what we want

What’s the harm in that?

Just allow us to speak freely

What are you afraid of?

Just allow us these normal things

Safety in the streets

Practicing our religion

Equality regardless of ethnicity

Just treat women like you treat men

This is the 21st century

The old ways of looking at the world do not work

Old rules and laws do not suit our society 

What we ask for are simple things 

Just let us breathe!

February 25th, 2023

What a waste of talent

What a waste of time

What a waste of talent

To confine a person with so many gifts 

And why?

Because he cares about the education of the next generation

Because he  cares about good morals and serving one’s community

Because he wants to spread joy and love

And for these reasons he must be confined 

What an utter waste of talent and time 

February 10th, 2023

For Afif Naimi who was sentenced to seven years in prison in Iran for being a Baha’i 1DB80D46-52F8-44EE-A16D-0B2BDE282F5B

Your prize


The suspense is over

You got the prize

It’s seven years

Seven years of sacrifice

And as they hand you the trophy

You smile and give thanks

That you have won yet again

This is the second time

Some will say 

This is not a prize

How can it be?

They can’t see the medal 

The standing ovation

Or the podium you stand on

But in your heart you know

This is better than any recognition you could have got

Your face is serene

Your heart is full of love

You gladly accept this honor

And what is to come

February 8th, 2023

Dear Afif Naimi, a former member of the leadership of the Baha’i community in Iran, has been sentenced to seven years in prison after having already spent ten years there in the past.



I tried this wig

I tried that wig

I put on one with short hair

Then I tried one with longer hair 

I tried one with straight hair

I tried one with curly hair 

And each time I looked in the mirror

I saw someone else

Now, this someone was not bad looking

But good looking or not, she was not me 

So back to my head carves I went 

They are more authentic I think 

February 8th, 2023

The secret of the song, Baraye (For…)


What is the secret of this song?

Why did it touch so many hearts?

Why did it become the anthem for a movement?

Why was it worthy of winning a prize?

The song was a cry for freedom

Freedom from nonsensical restrictions

Freedom to express oneself

Freedom from oppressive rules

The words of this song expressed the desires of a people

A people who have suffered for so long

People who are beaten for how they dress

People who are jailed for what they say

The lyrics of this song expressed what was needed

To show the world what was happening in Iran

The days of carrying out injustices without others knowing is over

What is happening is laid bare for all to see

The words that bubbled up from the soul of a young man

Have reached the world

The song has been sung everywhere

The truth is there to be heard

This is the secret of this song 

Feb 6th 2023

For Shervin and his song of freedom which won a Grammy

My choices


The life I’ve chosen

Is the best life for me

Not for anyone else

Comparing my choices to that of others is not productive

We all have different aspirations in the world

Mine can be very different from yours

All that matters is that I’m content with the choices I’ve made

Even the unconventional ones

Even the ones that turn heads

All that matters is that I examine my life

And see if I’m satisfied 

There are no right choices or wrong ones

Once we make a choice

We need to accept the consequences

We make the best decision we can with what we know at the time

No looking back

Only going forward

February 5th, 2023

Perspective is everything


Perspective is everything

One person can look at a vase of wilted sunflowers

And think they are not worthy of photographing

Van Gogh can look at the same vase

And paint a picture of them which is worth millions now

Things are not what they seem they are

They are what we perceive them to be

A worn coat can seem without value

For someone else, that same coat keeps the memory of their father alive

What I write are mere words on paper

But those words can touch someone’s heart

A tragic situation can be seen as a gift

That increases one’s understanding and value of life

An illness can be a wake up call

Unjust imprisonment, detachment from the things of this world

I will try to look at things such that I see their value

Every thing can be a teacher and everyone a guide

February 5th, 2023