Archive | May 2014

My shadow!

I have a shadow and her name is Shoosh
Shoosh goes wherever I go
She sits next to me on the chair when I read
She naps on my bed when I nap
I go up the stairs and Shoosh follows
I go back down and so does Shoosh

I’m still not used to being followed everywhere
I’m sure the kids would rather be in my place
But when I’m home Shoosh is by my side
When I leave they get her to themselves

Luckily Shoosh is a chill dog
She likes to relax, sleep or just lie down
Who knows what goes on in that head of hers
Who knows what she’s thinking when she stares

Soft places are her favorite
A blanket, a pile of clothes, a duvet!

And true to form, she’s here next to me
I’m sitting on the patio and so is she!



Can’t pretend nothing happened
Can’t pretend it was easy
Can’t try to sweep it under the carpet
Can’t let it go without addressing it

And what was it this time?
Why again?
Why am I so fragile?

It was a marathon
A test of endurance
Putting one foot in front of the other
When pain, sorrow and anxiety
Was the order of the day

Everyone told me I would be fine
But in the meantime
I had to go through what seemed like
Unbearable times

I know I’m not the only one who suffers
I know I’m not unique
But I have to acknowledge what was
I have to come to terms with it
Understand it
Or at least be at peace with it

As I celebrate the return of light
I have to revisit the past
Arrange and rearrange the pieces
Until I’m satisfied
Until it’s ready to be a part of the collage of my life


It touches me somewhere deep within
It reminds me of the sorrows I’ve experienced

It lets me know it’s OK to suffer, we all do
It comforts me
It wraps its arms around me and tells me things will be fine
It reveals the beauty of the human spirit
It reminds me of how fragile we are

*This poem was response to a beautiful piece of music
called ‘oriental’ by Entique Granados