Archive | May 2012

The screen rules

We stare into our screens at the coffee shops
Text while we walk
Check our e-mail at the stop light
Talk to seemingly no one as we walk
Our phones don’t leave our sides
God forbid if we lose them
Or leave them behind

We are reachable all the time
E-mails don’t know day or night

E-mail overload
Facebook addiction
These are the diseases
of this century!

People walk on the street
With headphones on
No eye contact
No need for one
If they decide to be very kind
They leave one earphone in
One earphone out

Texting in the classroom is normal
But the ringtone is turned off

These days one screen is not enough
The TV is on, the laptop open
And the phone nearby
Is it possible to focus on three things?
Add doing homework
That’s what I see in my house!

Is it possible to find someone
Without a screen nearby?
Probably not!
But what’s a good age to start?

My 12 year old wants a phone
What he really wants is a toy!
He’s waiting till I update my IPad
He’s next in line
And he knows that

Computer screens have
Grown in size
But small ones can also be found

The next IPhone is around the corner
What else can they really add on?
Our screens become outdated so fast
Soon it’s onto the next new fad!

But for all the complaining I just did
I’m thankful for my IPhone and IPad
They keep me in touch with my friends
And So does Skype
Can’t believe it’s still free of charge!

Lida Berghuis
April 30th, 2012