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“Our spacious non-linear nature”

“When the mind is quiet
We experience our spacious non-linear nature”
And access a sacred place

A place where the heart reigns
Where love is what counts
Where reason takes a back seat
Where what’s essential comes to the fore

A place where where we connect
To something greater than us
Assume a humble posture
And open ourselves to possibility
And greater wisdom

In a world where we need to know
To be in control
It’s a place where
We relinquish control
Ride the waves
And end up in places
We could not imagine

It’s a place that poetry can take us
It’s the place that poetry comes from!

Lida Berghuis
April 10th, 2013

*Kim Rosen

To my children…

Try to enjoy life
What seems of huge consequence
Will wash away like a sandcastle in time

Look at the positive
The negative will always be there
Looking at the sunny side
Will bring light and warmth into your life

Don’t be too hard on yourself
There are many things you do well
We always need to improve
But with ourselves we must be patient

See what you have
Rather than what you don’t
Count your blessings
They are easy to ignore!

You may think you know
How things are or should be
But understanding life is not easy!

Things are not black and white
We realize we are mistaken many times!

What we thought we understood
Will suddenly seem all wrong
Confusion will replace clarity
A thunderstorm, a period of calm

Strength will leave us many times
But when we feel weak
We are learning to be strong

We will gradually realize the
Value of trials
Anger and confusion will be replaced by
Understanding and calm

The world has a way of teaching us
That we are very small
And to survive and thrive
We need sunshine
The sunshine of Faith and patience
And the heat of trials

Lida Berghuis
April 5th, 2013

Laughter and tears

The one who laughs a hearty laugh
Has probably cried many times

True joy doesn’t exist
In one who has not suffered at all

Joy springs from understanding
From having endured difficult times

Let your laughter ring out
During times of joy and wonder
Let your tears fall when broken hearted

Laughter the sun
Tears the rain
Both are needed
In our life on earth!

Lida Berghuis
April 3rd, 2013