Archive | February 2021

Perfect no more


There was a time when I was a perfectionist

I would agonize over things

But that time is passed

I’ve learned we’re all imperfect

And it’s OK to acknowledge that

Perfection is a prison

Our ‘self’ is the prisoner

I left that prison some time in the past

Actually you can bond over your flaws with your friends

Isn’t it stressful to have a perfect friend?

We all strive for perfection

But we don’t have to reach it every time 

My knitting teacher told me long ago

That flaws are part of hand knitted things

It’s what sets them apart from machine made ones

It makes them unique and one of a kind

Now, I do what I do with heart and soul

But it’s OK if I don’t reach perfection

This is so liberating I find

Flaws are part of a well-lived life

February 23rd, 2021

An ocean of snow


It’s an ocean of snow

Ripples in the snow are like gentle waves 

And amid this ocean of snow

Are standing you and I

Seemingly apart

Seemingly drowning in the white snowy landscape

But we are still standing tall

We have not given up

We are defying the odds

We have faith that spring will return

That the snow will melt

And that we will start our lives over again

February 2021

Covid 2


Covid, covid, you’ve been with us for a year now

That’s a long time

That’s twelve months, 365 days, actually more

Are we used to you?


People can get used to the strangest of things

People can survive years in captivity

What we have with you is nothing like that

Yet we complain

We ask, where did our freedom go?

Where did our fun disappear to?

Why can’t we socialize like we used to?

We still have a lot of freedom though

We can zoom from morning till noon

iChat in the afternoon

Send messages on WhatsApp all day long 

We can socialize all we want

Yes, it’s different now

But just imagine what it would be like  

If we didn’t have the web?

February 1st, 2021