“Dance when you’’re broken open
Dance if you’’ve torn the bandage off
Dance in the middle of fighting
Dance when you’’re perfectly free!”*

Dance, dance your sorrow away
Dance and forget regret and loss
Dance a dance of thankfulness
Because your suffering is a guide

Dance when you have tears in your eyes
Dance and feel the weight lift off
Dance when you don’’t feel like it
Dancing will set you free

Music has power and sway
Music lifts us up
Music feeds our soul
Music the antidote

Dance in celebration
Dance in preparation
Dance at the beginning
Dance at the end

Change is a constant in life
Dance at each stage of life

Dance my friend, like dervishes do
Round and round, on and on…
Dance to commune with the angels above
Dance and listen to their song

Angels will sing the purest melody
Angels will be your guide
Listen to them carefully
What you’re looking for is not that far

Lida Berghuis
May 12th, 2010


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