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Oh, to be passionate about something!
Oh, to have found that something!
You will hear the birds sing!
You will see the sun shine!
You will smile a radiant smile!
You will know why you’re alive!

It took me a while
To find that something
The clues were there
From the time I was young
But it took a while
For the fire of passion to ignite

I’d see a little spark here
A little spark there
And as they were nurtured over the years
A few fanned into flames

I felt the warmth
It saw the light
It felt love
And the night became bright

Things I’m passionate about make me smile
Make my heart sing
They are things I can’t do without

Now, I try to keep fanning the flames
Because there is nothing more beautiful
Than seeing this bon fire burn

Lida Berghuis
May 29th, 2011

The ego dissipates

The ego dissipates
Even if it is momentarily
I, me and mine
Melt away
Calm replaces anxiety
The way appears more clear

And as my hand made
Statue of myself
My design
Breaks down
It is built anew
A better design
Replaces mine

I recognize my place
In the universe
Infinitesimally small
Yet, I can be guided
By the hand of the Divine

I have the map
The way is shown
The journey is long
And starts anew
Each morn

The ego dissipates
Melts down
Doors open
And I begin to walk

Lida Berghuis
July 14th 2011

Why pray?

Why should I pray?
The question came
In order to live fully
The answer was heard

Prayer connects us to the
Spiritual world
The world of love
The world of compassion
The world of virtue

In prayer we call on our
Angels and guides
In prayer, the drop
Joins the ocean of light

Prayer feeds our hungry soul
Prayer lights our way in the world

In prayer we testify to our poverty
Through prayer we learn humility

Prayer gladens the heart
Prayer lifts our spirits up

Prayer a shield!
Prayer a guide!
Prayer an oasis!
Prayer sublime!

Lida Berghuis
July 11, 2011