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To see the beauty of the unfinished work!
This is the secret to serenity
And peace of mind

Each of us is a work in progress
And we are beautiful
As we are

To appreciate that transformation
Takes time
Nothing of value
Can be accomplished at once

To have the wisdom of looking ahead
to see how what we do
Will affect everyone

To contemplate and consult
Then make a decision
Accept the consequences
Learn, and carry on…

The gardener will be joyous
When the tree bears fruit
But he will love and appreciate
The tree from the time it’s small

He will water the tree
And care for it
Allowing it to grow slowly
In time

Once we manage to do this
Each day can feel
Like how we imagine
The destination to be like

Lida Berghuis
June 21st, 2011

The veil of oppression!

I wonder how men would feel
If they were told to veil themselves
So that they don’t entice women!

Are men unable to restrain themselves
When they see beauty in women?

Does modesty mean not showing hair
Hands, legs and or the face?

Or were women asked to veil themselves
So they could be not seen and heard?

The veil
A symbol of oppression
The black tent that hides the body
The hair and the spirit of women

The veil
Prescribed by tradition
Not religion

The veil
And morbid

Beauty is to be celebrated
If you ask me!
Yes, modesty
I agree
But being enclosed
In a black tent
Is not the epitome of modesty

At a time when the East was
Steeped in tradition
Tahirih threw away the veil
Her spirit
Strong and free
Fought against dogma
And tyranny

And because of souls like her
Women will be freed
Their spirits will be freed
Their limbs will be freed
They will be heard
And they will be seen!

Lida Berghuis
April 25th, 2004

The ocean

The river of life
Leads to the ocean of eternity
The fish of the spirit
Finds peace at last

No more choppy waters
The ocean is deep
The spirit attains
Its destination at last

The river was familiar
His home for long
But the ocean is vast
He is free at last

Not bound by the current
Of the river now
It is free to
Travel around

The ocean is calm
The ocean is vast
The river was good
But it’s in the past

Adventures endless
Await the soul
Beautiful vistas
To travel and roam

The river of life
Leads to the ocean of light
It has been so
And it will be now

Lida Berghuis
June 2nd, 2011
For Martin