Archive | December 2016

The flame within

What is it that ignites your passion?
What is it that makes your heart sing?
What is it that brightens your day?
What is it that awakens your senses?

We start searching for our passion
When we are young
Sometimes we recognize it right away
Sometimes we find it but we forget
Sometimes we don’t pay it enough attention

But this discovery is important
Without discovering one’s passion
There is no joy
No motivation
No ziel and enthusiasm
No direction

Without discovering one’s passion
We’ll live ordinary lives
We’ll mark time
We’ll go through the motions of life

But as soon as we discover
What ignites that fire within us
The world begins to sing
The colors seem brighter and
One’s energy expands

It’s then that we can create beauty
Promote harmony
Make new discoveries
Develop our gifts
And serve our fellow man

That little flame is so powerful
It can start wild fires

December 11th, 2016


His kind words made me cry today
Kind words can do that you know

His kind words made me feel accepted and loved
I felt like I belonged
His kind words tore the veil of silence
And let in the light

Sometimes silence means complicity
Sometimes silence means we don’t want to go there
Things that are difficult to talk about
Remain behind the veil of silence

It takes courage to be kind
In a world that sometimes does not value kindness
At times, kindness is seen as weakness
What an absurd thought, I say

Kindness is like a river to the thirsty one
It’s life giving like sunshine
It’s like music that uplifts the soul
What more could one want?

One drop of kindness sweetens the ocean
Said the sage
This is the power of kindness

Kindness touched my heart today
A river of tears began to flow
Why tears as a response to kindness
I don’t know
I don’t know

December 1st, 2016

Good writing

Good writing takes you to another world
You no longer hear
What’s going on around you
Or who comes and who goes

Good writing can hold your heart
In its hands
Your emotions are held hostage
For a while

Good writing is hard to put down
Just one more line
Just one more line
Your heart cries

Good writing leaves its mark on you
Your world is not the same anymore

Good writing comes from
A place of vulnerability
The writer bears her soul

Good writing captivates you
And doesn’t let you go
Perhaps it highjacks your soul

Good writing had me at hello
I’m still in its snare
And will be for evermore

December 1st, 2016