Archive | January 2017


Some days seem charged with a
Certain amount of electricity
A certain energy

I feel like I am being carried on
The wings of Grace
I feel the presence of my ancestors
I feel joyous in a deep loving way

Some days I feel like I’m floating on air
I feel uplifted

Some days are more special than other days
I call those days the days of Grace

January 26th, 2016image


Revealing what’s personal
Takes guts
You have to be secure in yourself
Not afraid of being judged

Opening up
What friendships are based on
How we develop trust

Revealing what’s personal
Was so hard for me
For so long

But over the years
One step at a time
I’ve arrived at a place
Where I can share personal things
With those I choose to trust
One still takes a risk
But without deep friendships
Our lives would be so dull

Loneliness, lack of support
Not having those we can lean on
The disadvantages of not
Taking this risk

I’m glad my journey has brought me
To a place
Where I can confide in my friends
January 23rd, 2017

Ice age

Our frozen world
Frozen from the lack of the sunshine of love
Frozen from the long nights of ignorance and prejudice

Icy cold is the world we live in
Hearts frosted over by greed
Cold from the scarcity of compassion and absence of brotherhood
Icy cold…
We shiver witnessing injustice and brutality
We long for the warmth of harmony and unity
Desolate, divided and ravaged
Is the world we live in

This ice age will not last forever though
It may be holding us in its grasp now
But spring is around the corner
Sunshine is around the bend
Warmth is nearby
The heat of the sun
Will melt this ice

And each of us can create some heat
Some warmth
By our loving words and deeds
By extending a helping hand to others
By caring for our fellow man