Archive | January 2012

Code of silence

Why this code of silence?
What do we fear?

Why such stigma?
Where do we go from here?

Why does a word like depression
Scare us so?

Why do we feel ashamed
Powerless or both?

Why do we feel as if
It’s all our fault?

Why so many misconceptions
Enough is enough!

Depression has a cause
Like other diseases do

It also can be treated
If attended to

It’s not this strange, enigmatic affair
One is not doomed to years of despair

It can be debilitating no doubt
The danger comes from doing nothing at all

The first step is to break the code of silence
To change our understanding of what we call mental illness

Perhaps we need some new terminology
Something less outdated and scary

We need to talk
We need to understand

Knowledge is power
Let’s stop burying our heads in the sand!

Lida Berghuis
January 22nd, 2012



Smile and world will smile at you
Open your arms and the world will receive you

Radiate good thoughts
Good will come your way
Be generous
You will be rewarded

The positive vibes you send out
Attract goodness no doubt
The warmth you impart
Will be your own reward

We don’’t give to receive
We give because it brings joy
Give generously
And happiness will be yours

There is always weakness
And darkness if you look for it
Why waste that energy
No need for it

The most flawed person
Has something that can be praised
Focus on that
Leave the rest!

January 5th, 2012
Lida Berghuis


Like the serene surface of a lake at Dawn

Where words come from

Where I seek refuge each time

Where movement originates

Where excitement comes to rest

Where great ideas emerge

In my busy days
I seek the stillness of solitude

Daily life with all its demands and
Needs come to a stop

I go deep within myself
I connect to what’s out there.

Stillness feeds the soul
Stillness attracts thoughts
Stillness is essential

Lida Berghuis
January 20th, 2011

Easy to hide!

It’s visible
And yet easy to hide

It needs attention
But it’s ignored

It can be treated
But it’s often not

It can be dangerous
If left alone

The treatment can be multipronged
But some modalities are frowned upon

Go to a psychologist?
Why? What’s wrong with me?
How can talking to someone else
Resolve this?

Take medication?
Out of the question!
What about the side effects
How can meds help me anyway?

Get out of the house?
You’re kidding me, right?
That’s the last thing on my mind!

Start exercising?
Are you joking?
I don’t even have the energy
To do the simplest thing!

Call on my friends?
And tell them what?
Everyone is busy with their lives

See my family doctor?
What can he do?
It’s not as if I have the flu!

All I want to do is as little as possible
I want to help myself
But it’s so hard
That’s why I do nothing at all

It’s visible
But easy to hide

It can be treated
But it’s often not!

Lida Berghuis
January 20th, 2012

The cliff

The cliff accepts the wave
It does not fight the wave,
But it does not crumble

It does not get angry at the wave
It’s the nature of the wave to lash out

The wave is inevitable
Cannot be wished away

After the wave recedes
The cliff knows that the wave
Will be back

It’s not fearful
It’s not perturbed
It knows it has the strength
To face it again

January 11th, 2012
Lida Berghuis

Note to self 4: live and let live



Expect different attitudes and ways of thought
Don’’t judge and you won’’t be judged

Action speaks louder than words
No need to preach, to each his own

We each have different philosophies in life
Let’’s acknowledge that and move on
No need to change others
Or agree with everyone

Focus on the positive, laugh and smile
There’’s always something there
To cheer you up

Your armor of love and good will
Will protect you
See the good in everyone

Difficulties are not to be shunned
These things are part of life

Don’’t be surprised or perturbed by them
You are ready to face them

Live and let live, my thought today
Let go of hurt, grow and thrive…

Lida Berghuis
January 9th, 2011