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Signs and dreams

The spiritual world intrigues me!
The world of visions and dreams
The world where we are closest
To the essence of our being!

A ring put on the finger
By a Holy one
Advice from those who have passed on
Life altering visions and signs

Things that our five senses
Can’t condone or understand
Things that make others say
We are out of our minds!

Symbols in dreams
That make sense years down the road
The feeling we call our gut feeling
And more

Inspiration, creativity, invention
All come from this world
The location of which is a mystery
But perhaps place and time
Are irrelevant in this world

The spiritual world
Where we come from
And where we will return to
A world I don’t want to
And can’t ignore

Lida Berghuis
August 30th, 2013


Ends are beginnings
Beginnings that will end
So, I welcome the ends
As I do the beginnings
Because therein lies serenity

Seasons change
Routines change
Responsibilities change
Opportunities change
The only constant in life
Seems to be change

Don’t mourn the loss of what was
Too long
Look for opportunity
In what’s to come

The state we are in
Is temporary anyway
It won’t be long
Before it changes again!

Lida Berghuis
August 29th, 2013


Nothing to say
No urgent thought
Yet my wish is to write

I’ve stopped asking that question
Not everything needs a reason
Not everything can be understood
Curiosity is good
But if time after time
The answer eludes me
I let it go

Somethings are not understood by the mind
Somethings need to be accepted by our hearts

Wishing to understand everything
Limits us
My understanding is limited
So, I open my heart!

Lida Berghuis
August 23rd, 2013

In a circle on the grass

In a circle on the grass
In the cool evening air
With bird song in the background
We remembered those who are no longer with us
In this physical world

Their spirit not far
Strong the bonds that connect us
Those who had gathered
Thought of them
And prayed for them
I’m sure they heard us
And perhaps
They were even there!

Hearts were touched
Tears filled some eyes
Memories were recalled
As the sun set

And this is how we honored
Those who have moved Beyond
This plane of dust
And entered the world of Tranquility and love!

Lida Berghuis
August 15, 2013

Tapestry of friendship

Weaving bonds of friendship
Working on a beautiful tapestry
The tapestry that costs nothing to make
But is more valuable than many other things

It’s a life-long project
Sometimes I spend more time on it
It cheers my heart and uplifts my soul
I so love my tapestry
Different patterns for different periods of my life
Some of the colors are so rich
Occasionally I use threads of gold and silver
You can imagine how beautiful that can be

When I travel to the unseen world
It’s one of the few things I will take with me!

Lida berghuis
August 14th
Yokeh’s garden

Home visit

Come into my home
Come into my life
Come into the space
I spend a lot of time

Bring your positive energy
Bring your smile
But if you are sad
You can still come

Maybe my smile will then
Brighten your day
And when I’m sad
You will smile my sadness away

Let’s have tea
Let’s sit and talk
Let’s connect
In this world of disconnect and rush

Let’s deepen our friendship
Deep as it can go
Let’s mine the gems
That are in me and you

These deep connections
Make life worthwhile
Otherwise in our worries
We will drown

You can be my life raft
And I can be yours
The sea can be stormy
And dangers close

In a world that can sometimes be dark
Let’s build friendship castles of light!

Lida Berghuis
August 7th, 2013


Some people travel to see places
Old buildings, ornate churches, famous landmarks…
You get my point
And there is nothing wrong with that of course
But I travel to see people
To experience other cultures
To expose myself to other ways of thought

Don’t take me to a resort
There is not much to learn there for me
The walls, the swimming pool, the restaurants
Don’t have any lessons for me
But bring me in contact with the locals
Invite me into their lives
And that will make me extremely happy

Because I’m the tourist of cultures
Not of ruins
I learn from people
Not from buildings
Rest and relaxation
I can do close to where I live
Exploring other cultures
A reason to travel for me

Don’t bring me to hotels
Bring me to homes
Where the people are
Don’t bring me to restaurants
Bring me to kitchen tables
Where the food is prepared with love
Don’t bring me to big cities
Being me to towns
Bring me to the country side

I’m a tourist of people, not of places
I’m not looking for what’s outside
Bring me inside into people’s lives, into their homes
And into their hearts!

Lida Berghuis
August 4th, 2013