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Every day should be women’s day


Every day should be women’s day

After all they are our mothers, sisters and daughters

After all it’s women who raise the next generation

They sacrifice their ease and comfort

They are the glue that keeps the family united

They are strong in times of turmoil

They are compassionate and patient

What can men do to show their appreciation?

Treat them like they want to be treated

See them as equals in decision making

Support them so they can achieve their potential

Appreciate all the sacrifices they make

Acknowledge the important role 

They have in educating children

Give them the attention they deserve

Listen to them when they want to talk

Treat them as equals in relationships

Respect them as partners in their lives

Happy International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2023

The answer is no!


You want me to cover my hair

I say no!

You say it’s the sign of piety

I say no!

You say it will protect me from harm

I say no!

You say otherwise I’ll excite men

I say no!

You can’t convince me to do something I don’t want to do

You don’t realize how strong I am

You have tried to put me down

But each time, you see me rise 

You fear me and my courage 

You should!

I am determined and won’t back down 

I will continue this fight 

I see you are worried and

You should be! 

Women, life, liberty!

March 2023 

Women, life, liberty


Girl children are being poisoned


Because they fear them

They fear the strength of their character

They fear their desire to for equality

They fear their resolve to achieve it

Why else would they poison them?

Women have shown how powerful they are

How determined they are

How fearless they are

How disruptive of the norms of the regime they are

This poisoning will only strengthen their resolve

It will bing their cause to the world

It will show the cruelty of those in power

And how low they will go to achieve their goals

The day is near that all these atrocities will come to an end

When those responsible will be prosecuted

When justice and equality will return to our land

When women, life, liberty will prevail

March 3rd, 2023

For the women and girl children of Iran