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Still standing tall


Something terrible and painful must have happened

Something to shake her to her core

She must have been blindsided

It happened so suddenly, when least expected

After all, it was spring and the birds were singing

There was nothing menacing in the air

Life went on as usual

And then tragedy struck like a slap in the face 

Like a hit from behind

Where was this calamity coming from?

Why now?

But it was too late

The damage was done

She aged thirty years in one

She lost her verdant robe

She dried up

But even in this state

After that fateful day

After experiencing pain and suffering

And so much loss

She is still beautiful 

She is still standing tall

February 28th, 2022

Champions of light

Darkness is always conquered by light

Because the cause of light has many champions

Champions who fight with the sword of their words

Who light up their surroundings with their love

Champions who having suffered know what suffering is

Who are strong and don’t give up

Champions for the cause of justice and equality

Champions who fight for women everywhere

Champions who protect the rights of girl children

Champions who help elect a women president

Darkness may seem all consuming

But because of these champions, it will be defeated in time

February 18, 2022

Inspired by Amineh Kakabaveh

Iranian Swedish member of parliament

At the hairdresser’s

The hubbub at the hairdresser’s 

Multiple conversations going on at once 


The sound of the blow dryer 

Ladies getting dolled up

We all yearn for connection 

And isn’t this a great place for creating that?

Hairdressers are natural conversationalists after all

It’s part of the trade

It’s a must 

When I go to my hairdresser’s 

I feel pampered

Looked after

And I look forward to the end result

The color is fresh

The blow dry better than mine

And I feel like a hundred bucks

My hairdresser has another plus too 

And that’s his sense of humor 

I always laugh a lot in his chair 

I enjoy our conversations 

Laughter therapy



A polished look 

All provided by my hairdresser

What more could I ask for? 

February 4th, 2022