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Looking forward


Need to look forward not backward

When looking backward I’ll miss my times with Nick at home

Our early morning chats as we had breakfast

And the rest of the family was asleep

Seeing him make lunch with left overs each day

Asking me, “can I take the whole thing?”

Giving himself lots of time so as not to rush in the morning

Reminding him to take two Cold Fx when he was sniffling

And wondering if he had got enough sleep

But as I look forward 

I’ll enjoy Nick and Magalie coming over for dinner

Or somethings brunch

Planning get aways together when their busy schedules allow

Watching them decorate their place 

And create a cozy space for themselves

And thank God for the internet

We no longer live in the same house

But he is a few clicks away

And he answers fast

There is also is FaceTime

Children leave home

It’s inevitable

But no one said it’s doesn’t require some adjustment time

May 29th, 2023

Fifty nine


How do I feel at fifty nine?

I feel hopeful

I feel content

I feel excited for the future

I love that I have a chance to write and publish

I love that I can share my experiences and feelings with others

I’m grateful for the children we’ve raised

One of whom is about to get married

I’m grateful for a wonderful marriage

Which has stood the test of time and trials

And has brought me comfort and joy

I’m grateful for amazing friends

Who love me and support me

So, I feel pretty good

And look forward to the years to come

May 17th, 2023

What I write

What you see is what you get

What I write is genuine

There is no pretence

There was a time I could not express myself

My thoughts and feelings remained hidden in my heart

Maybe I was afraid to share them

Maybe I didn’t know how

I remember those days clearly

And the helplessness I felt

As if something was stopping me from speaking

And I would wonder why

Well those days are gone

I can be myself now

Especially when I write

What you read is who I am

Plain and simple

I write from my heart

May 4th, 2023 Continue reading

Prisons in Iran


Prisons are usually a place to house 

People who are dangerous to society

In Iran, that is the case as well

But prisons also house people who are dangerous to the regime

Writers who criticize

Environmental activist who tell it as they see it

Members of religious minorities

Those who oppose the government

Those who take part in peaceful protests

Those who lead these protests

Prisons have become the gathering place of 

Those who want change and are not afraid to talk

April 28, 2023

Sun of Justice


The difference is conviction

The difference is ardour and being on the side of justice

The difference is they are not obeying anyone

This is their fight

They are the soldiers and the generals

A fire has been lit for freedom

Its flames are growing everyday

The winds of opposition only cause it to spread

You can’t control a wildfire

The energy of youth

Youth who are tired of lies 

Youth who know their rights are being trampled on

Youth who feel they have nothing to lose

This energy feeds the fire

Injustice can prevail for a while

It can maintain its strong grip on power for some time

But those who are tired of corruption and empty promises

Those who long for freedom and equality

They can only be suppressed so long

The night of oppression is dark

But we can see the glimpses of the dawn

A dawn that will come because of the sacrifices being made

A dawn that will have its price

But soon will the sun of justice shine
For the brave people of Iran

September 26th, 2022

The point of no return


I see people persisting and persevering

I hear their cries

Asking for freedom

Asking for equality

Asking for justice

I see people paying a price

With bullets in their bodies

With their bruises and injuries

With being intimidated and arrested

I see people’s bravery

Women removing their headscarves

The symbol of subservience

When not their choice

Men standing with women

Boys and girls arising

I see Iranians outside Iran

Supporting their bothers and sisters

Worrying for their safely

Admiring their courage

Praying for their well being

I wonder how long those in Iran have to

Put their lives on the line?

When will other compatriots join them and support them?

When will government agents stop hitting

And  sometimes killing their own people?

Their own brothers and sisters?

Their own compatriots?

When will this talisman break?

When will this darkness give way to light?

When will the people’s wishes for justice materialize?

The future is bright

But the path is to freedom

Is paved with blood and sacrifice and

Unity is the hallmark of victory

We are reaching a point of no return

Can this nightmare be coming to an end?

September 25th, 2022

For the brave women and men of Iran

What keeps you going?

9E0B931C-6141-49EE-9408-29B540072B31What keeps you going in the face of injustice?

My spirituality he said

I believe in karma

That we reap what we sow

That there will be justice in the end

What keeps you going, he asked

Hope that the future will be brighter 

That what we do to better the world matters

What keeps you going, he asked

Love for my fellow man

Belief in goodness and truthfulness 

That living a virtuous life is important 

No matter what life throws at you 

What keeps you going, he asked

Faith in a higher power, he said 

August 4th 2022


Dedicated to my dear friend Afif Naimi who was recently arrested in Iran because he is a Baha’i 

But I’m not


I should be sad

But I feel uplifted

I should be scared

But I feel hopeful

I should be upset 

But I feel grateful

I should be perplexed

But I understand

And the only reason for this is my Faith in God

And the outpouring of support from my friends

I feel buoyed by their love

I feel like I’m flying in the rare atmosphere of their care and compassion

And I’m basking in the sunshine of their affection

I should be sad

But I’m not 

June 16th, 2022


The little things in life

My almost translucent pink phone case 

Makes me happy each time I see it

I wonder why?

Perhaps simple things can bring us joy as well

My pink case is a bright happy colour

And it comes with a new phone of course

I don’t get a new phone often

So when I do I notice the differences

It’s good to look for little things in our 

Daily lives to make us happy

A good cup of coffee

Time spent writing in a coffee shop

Sunshine streaming through the window

On a cold winter day

Imparting much appreciated warmth

I’m thankful for bigger things in life 

But appreciate the little ones as well

My phone case makes me smile each time

I look at it

January 31st, 2022

Crossroads of change


At the cross roads of change

Scary times

Exciting times

Anxiety provoking times

Constructive times

Change is never easy

It upsets the exciting order

It makes us uncomfortable

But change is necessary for growth

And growth is often painful

With open eyes

And an open heart

On can proceed on the path of life

And from time to time

Move to a different highway

Toward one’s destination

January 28th, 2022