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Spring cleaning

imageThe season of Spring cleaning has arrived
But to be honest, I don’t do much extra cleaning
Around the house at this time

I was thinking about spring cleaning my heart though
Washing the dross off my soul
And adorning it with beautiful virtues:

Kindness, gentleness, patience
Exuberance, enthusiasm and joy!

Seeing the good in everyone
Having a sin-covering eye

Speaking with kindness and love
Avoiding  being critical

Holding the hand of one who hurts
Trying to cheer them up

This kind of Spring cleaning makes sense to me
I should actually do it all year around
March 8th, 2016

Reflections on wealth, class and looks

Reflections on wealth, looks and class

How far can wealth, looks and class take you?

Wealth is good but it’s here today and not the next
Plus wealth brings its own problems
There is always someone who is more wealthy than you
One can never say one has enough wealth
So, if that’s what we’re after, we’ll never get there

Wealth also puts you in a bubble of sorts
Everyone around you is the same
You’ll end up living in a world that’s not real
You can easily lose touch with the average man
And possibly your humanity

Good looks is Ok
But by now we know
It’s as impermanent as water colour
And as deceiving as fool’s gold!

Plus if what’s on the outside
Is not reflected inside
It’s no use
Good looks does not comfort you
Support you
Or encourage you
A kind heart is what does that
And that definitely does not depend on good looks

What is that?
How do we decide if someone has class?
For me the classiest things are humility
Generosity and empathy
This is what I would be looking for
The outward stuff tends to take the fun out of life
One needs to take oneself so seriously

Good looks are good only
If accompanied by a good heart
Wealth is good
If we use it the right way
If it doesn’t go to our head
If it doesn’t blind us to the rest of the world
If it’s earned honestly and with hard work

Class is good
If one’s actions are classy
Not one’s appearance only
No one wants a classy friend
With a cold heart

By themselves wealth, class and looks
Don’t amount to much
They are empty shells that will disappoint
In the long run

On the other hand
Kindness, generosity, humility and such
Add to wealth that can’t be taken away
Beauty that will never fade
And a classiness that is real!

Lida Berghuis
November 11th, 2015

What can I say?

What can I say?

What can I write about the one who has sacrificed
His freedom for love?
What can I say about the one who can still laugh
Despite these trials?
What can I say about the one whose patience
Is being tested by love?

It seems like we are sometimes punished for love
“the watchman is running after us”
and all seems lost

But if we see the end in the beginning
We will see the light that emanates from this sacrifice
A light so bright
That it illumines the path for the rest of us

Deeds not words are needed today
His deeds an example for all of us
Kindness like honey drips from his every word
The scent of humility wafts gently toward us

What can I say about the one who has sacrificed
His freedom for love?
You inspire us and you make us proud!
Your friendship rejuvenates us and
We honor you for your sacrifice!

Lida Berghuis
June 27th, 2015

For Afif Naimi

One drop of kindness

“One drop of kindness makes the ocean sweet”

Kindness is love
Kindness is being other-oriented
Kindness is gentleness
Kindness is the warmth of someone’s heart

Kindness requires effort
Requires that we pay attention to someone else
Kindness is the absence of ego, being self-centred

Kindness is encouraging words that bring others joy

Kindness says I see you
I care for you
Kindness says I’ll make time for you!

Kindness gives comfort
Kindness listens with care
Kindness is silent when someone makes a mistake
Kindness does not judge, does not compare

Kindness brings joy
Kindness makes one smile
Kindness is a balm for an injured heart!

Lida Berghuis
November 10th, 2014


The art of life…

The art of life…
The hardest art to master
The lessons start when we are young
And never end like any other art!

This art’s techniques are endless
Kindness, compassion, love, honesty
Generosity, curiosity, persistence and so on
These techniques we can learn early on
But to perfect them, one needs time

There are many teachers we come across
Each teaches us something new and exciting
But mastery comes only with practice
And that part is up to us!

There may be times we wish to start a piece
We are creating over again
Times when we look at an older piece
And wonder, ‘where was my head’
Some pieces take a very long time
Some pieces feel inspired and need no effort at all!

But if we persevere
If we work hard
We can create such beauty with this art!
And old pieces may not look perfect
But they were part of the process
And we never start perfect!

Lida Berghuis
October 12th, 2014

Inspired by a talk by Herbie Hancock
On creativity and art

No matter the circumstance!

What makes us rich is our relationships…
A house, a car, a piece of jewelry
Can all be gone in an instant
But friendship remains no matter
The circumstance

A job can be lost
A career can take a down turn
But a friend will stay
No matter what

Storms come and go
And so will the crises of life
And what is the thing that gets us through
No matter the circumstance?

Not the material possessions we have
Our fancy job or
Our fancy house
It’s our friends
Who will give us
The gift of friendship and support
The gift of love and kindness
And a reason to hold on
Till the storm is gone!

Lida Berghuis
June 30th, 2013

*Inspired by a poem of Maya Angelou

How much, and of what?

How much sugar?
How much fat?
and what kind of fat
Should I eat?
All fats are not created the same
The good ones we must have
The bad ones will kill us slowly

Detoxifying is the rage
Watermelon fast
Juice fast and the rest

Must eat whole-grain wheat
And brown rice
Quinoa is even better
Protein is a must!
But not the fatty protein of red meat
Or chicken or veal
Must go for nuts, eggs, legumes, or tuna
In each meal

Must drink lots of water
Even when we don’t feel like it
Hydration is essential
It helps us think more clearly!

And juice is a no-no
All that sugar is bad
It’s empty calories
And too many calories are bad

We now have the cure-all of the day
It’s quinoa one day
Flax seed the other day
Vitamin D, the third

Too much fat on the belly
Not good for your heart
Exercise a necessity
If optimum health you want

Now don’t get me wrong
I like all that advice
Who doesn’t wan to look good
And live healthy and long?
But with all this attention
We give our bodies
I just hope we won’t forget
The rest of us

Our mind, our heart, and our soul
Need attention too
A soul-diet high on generosity and justice
A heart-diet with lots of love and kindness
And a mind-diet of focusing only on the good and positive
That would also help us feel good and feel fit!

Lida Berghuis

November 29th, 2013