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Learning from our mistakes


Is man incorrigible?

Will we ever learn from our mistakes?

Not always it seems

We make the same mistake over and over again

But why?

Because we have not changed

We see things the same way and behave the same way

Only a shift in our values and behaviour

Will give rise to better decision making

There needs to be a fundamental shift

In how we see ourselves and our place in the planet

We need to put justice before profit

We need to be less greedy and more generous

We need to look upon others as our brothers and sisters

We need to value honesty and trustworthiness

Our values will determine the outcome


April 15th, 2020



Floods in the city of my birth

Floods that could have been prevented 

Floods that originate from mistakes

Floods that took the lives of the innocent 

Floods that brought destruction and harm

Floods that could be a wake up call

The price has been paid by many lives

Lessons learned are too late for those who died  

Kindness a solace for those in need

An occasion for generosity of spirit 


March 25th, 2019

Lessons learned


Some things in life we learn from our parents

Other things we learn through experience 

Here are a few things that I’ve learned 


That we can’t avoid pain in life

There is a place for suffering in our lives

That how we respond to painful situations

Is in our own hands

And that’s what will make the difference


That it’s OK to make mistakes

Making mistakes is part of life

And not something to be afraid of

Mistakes should be learning opportunities

Not to be dreaded and feared


That self care is important 

It’s as important as being selfless

Without self care we can’t care for others

Without self care we become resentful

Without self care we can crash and burn


That it’s important to nurture our creativity

That art counts, poetry counts

Art can be a solace in our lives

Creativity a way to unwind

That art brings beauty into our lives

Helps us heal

Helps us shine


December 3rd, 2018

New territory!

When we are in new territory we make ‘mistakes’
But they are not really mistakes
They are attempts at discovery
The first attempt often does not give result
That one succeeds who doesn’t give up!

Einstein said, “I’m like others, but I stayed
with the problem longer”
And what is it that makes us stay and not give up

Part of it is the passion we have for something
The passion that makes us forge ahead despite disappointments
Part of it is being stubborn and persistent
Not allowing one failure to bring us to a halt
Part of it is the conviction that results will come
Part of it is realising that anything worth achieving
Takes effort and time!

Lida Berghuis
October 12th, 2014

A more compassionate view of ‘mistakes’!

The word mistake has negative connotations
I like to think of mistakes as choices we make
Choices that have their consequences
But can lead to better understanding

We make choices based on the knowledge we have at the time
Based on our understanding at that point in our lives
And since our understanding is always limited
And can grow all of our lives
We are bound to make choices that don’t give the desired result

We call them mistakes
But without them
We can’t expand our knowledge
And learn more about ourselves
And the world we live

And when it comes to making a choice
we sometimes hesitate
We agonize
We procrastinate
Because we are afraid to make a mistake

I have done that!
I’ve stood at the fork in the road
Stared far too long
Agonized far too much
Afraid of choosing the wrong path

But now I know
That the only thing I can do
At the fork in the road
Is pick a path based on what I know
At that point

I’ve learned that what we call
The wrong path
Is just a path
A path that will lead to
Better understanding

I’ve learned that after what we call mistakes
Life goes on
If we fall, we will get up
We are resilient!

And to expect the desired outcome
Every time we make a choice is absurd
I’ve learned that what we call mistakes
Are a necessary part of growth!

Lida berghuis
December 2nd, 2103

A more compassionate world…

These things that happen to us
Why do we call them failures or mistakes?
Why don’t we call them
-a good start
-a valiant effort
-a first step
-a learning experience?

Why are things either a success or a failure?
Why do we see the world in black and white?

Is this based on a competitive model
Where there is always a winner and a loser
Those who get the prize and those who don’t

I’m sure there is a more compassionate way
A model that encourages one to try again
To take the time
Make an effort
To do better next time
A model in which we all win if we try

A model in which mistakes become learning opportunities
Failures, stepping stones
In such a compassionate world
We will grow and thrive even more

Lida Berghuis
November 17th, 2013

Hard-headed girl!

I don’t wanna!
You can’t make me!
I’ll do it my way!

What is that?
Is that rebelliousness?
Is it being strong willed or hard-headed?
Is it being unreasonable
For no good reason?

Whatever it is
It’s a part of me
It’s been that way
And it will be

It can be seen as
Being independent-minded
Not a follower
But a trendsetter
It can be problematic too
Because sometimes
Following directions is what is needed

But that’s so boring
So predictable
So normal
Much better to be different and stand out!
There is however the risk of
Being wrong
Been there, done that
Many times!

I still tend not to follow some rules
Don’t like to be told what to do
Don’t want to be like everyone else
And that will sometimes mean
Learning from my mistakes!

I value independence of thought
Trying the way that has not be tried
Doing things that haven’t been done
Going somewhere I’m not sure of

I will follow most rules most times
But not all of them, all the time!

Lida Berghuis
September 14th, 2013

Beautifully flawed!

Why do I refuse to bandage an ankle that hurts?
Why do I refuse to acknowledge that it needs rest?
Why do I wish for the pain to go away on its own
Why don’t I listen to the signals my body sends?

Why do I forget so easily to rest?
Why do I forget that healing takes time?
Why haven’t I conquered the impatience in me?
But then again, why not?

We are all beautifully flawed!
We are slow to change
Slow to learn
And get set in our ways
I definitely do!
That doesn’t mean I’m not going to improve my ways
It means I’ll be gentle with myself when I make mistakes

The human condition requires that we err
Requires that we accept that we err
So, I acknowledge my mistakes
Don’t dwell on them too long
File them in my memory bank
And hope that I will remember next time

But somehow I have a feeling I may forget…
Learning is slow, it takes time!

Lida Berghuis
June 2nd, 2013


“Getting to what feels right
Often comes from things going wrong!”*

How true is that!
Been there, done that many times!

Why do we think we should have the answers
Right away?
Why do we see mistakes as a waste of time?
Why do we think of failure as final?
They could just be a new place, to start!

A choice is just that!
It has consequences of course
Consequences that we will like, or
Consequences that can lead us somewhere new

Those who succeed, fall many times
The secret is to have the strength
To get up each time!

Why are we so hard on ourselves?
Why do we expect success the first time?
There is no shame in turning around
Until we get to the place that feels right!

Lida Berghuis
November 2nd, 2011