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Beautifully flawed!

Why do I refuse to bandage an ankle that hurts?
Why do I refuse to acknowledge that it needs rest?
Why do I wish for the pain to go away on its own
Why don’t I listen to the signals my body sends?

Why do I forget so easily to rest?
Why do I forget that healing takes time?
Why haven’t I conquered the impatience in me?
But then again, why not?

We are all beautifully flawed!
We are slow to change
Slow to learn
And get set in our ways
I definitely do!
That doesn’t mean I’m not going to improve my ways
It means I’ll be gentle with myself when I make mistakes

The human condition requires that we err
Requires that we accept that we err
So, I acknowledge my mistakes
Don’t dwell on them too long
File them in my memory bank
And hope that I will remember next time

But somehow I have a feeling I may forget…
Learning is slow, it takes time!

Lida Berghuis
June 2nd, 2013

The human condition

I learned, but I forgot
I saw, but I forgot
I knew, but I forgot

And so I pass the years
Of my life
Lessons learned are sometimes forgotten
Gems discovered, are covered by dust
What I saw clearly, is now blurred
What I thought I understood, clear as mud!

This I was told is the human condition
We don’t learn right away
We may fall many times
Before we learn to look in front of us
We may burn our hands anyway
Even though we thought we’d never do it again!

Forgetting is human
Erring is human
Learning slowly is human too!

How can I improve my memory
Remember better
Learn faster
I thought

“Slowness remembers, hurry forgets”
“Softness remembers, hardness forgets”
“Surrender remembers, fear forgets”

“It’s beautifully difficult to remember
who we are!”

“But we help each other every time
When we fill the cup of truth, drink it
And hold each other up!”

Lida Berghuis
February 20th, 2011

Quotes from “Mark Nepo”
The book of Awakening