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Our roots


Our roots ground us

They give us stability and

The chance to grow tall

They keep us firm 

In the storms of life

They nourish our souls

They make us strong

Leaves and branches 

Adorn the tree of our lives

But without roots

They would not stay alive

“Grounded in our roots we rise”*


September 30th, 2018


*Larry Smith in Fresh off the boat

Life sucks… but in a good way…

“Life sucks!
What can you do?
Accept it and get on with it…”

This is not a pessimistic attitude
Or a defeatist one!
Our lives are not meant to be picture perfect
Everything they way it should be
Or the way we want it to be!

Our lives are a series of challenges
That when faced with grace
Can help us grow and be stronger
And better people

Life is not a smooth road
It’s a bumpy one
Some places are not paved at all
There are obstacles to manoeuvre around
Detours that pop up!
And sometimes we may reach the edge
Of a cliff and need to back up!

The easy road offers no benefits
Except for seeming ease and comfort
It’s the road full of pit falls and road blocks
That puts us to test and helps us develop new skills

So, yes, life sucks
But not in a bad way
It sucks
So we can learn, change, and grow

Lida Berghuis
January 15th, 2015

*something someone at the hairdressers said once

A more compassionate world…

These things that happen to us
Why do we call them failures or mistakes?
Why don’t we call them
-a good start
-a valiant effort
-a first step
-a learning experience?

Why are things either a success or a failure?
Why do we see the world in black and white?

Is this based on a competitive model
Where there is always a winner and a loser
Those who get the prize and those who don’t

I’m sure there is a more compassionate way
A model that encourages one to try again
To take the time
Make an effort
To do better next time
A model in which we all win if we try

A model in which mistakes become learning opportunities
Failures, stepping stones
In such a compassionate world
We will grow and thrive even more

Lida Berghuis
November 17th, 2013

Winter blues

Winter blues
I know you well
You’’ve visited me
Year after year!
Your mystery I had to unravel
Your nature uncover
Your puzzle solve
It was not easy
It was an uphill climb!

You arrived without notice
Stayed far too long
Didn’’t want to leave
When the time had come

In hindsight I can see though
You’’ve made me who I am
The lessons you taught me
Were unexpected, unplanned

I tried to run away
Fight you, ignore you
But in the end
I needed to know myself better
To know you

Running and hiding
Anger and resentment
Gave no result
Acceptance, knowledge
Willingness to grow
Willingness to try
What brought healing about!

Lida Berghuis
March 24th, 2012