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Learning from our mistakes


Is man incorrigible?

Will we ever learn from our mistakes?

Not always it seems

We make the same mistake over and over again

But why?

Because we have not changed

We see things the same way and behave the same way

Only a shift in our values and behaviour

Will give rise to better decision making

There needs to be a fundamental shift

In how we see ourselves and our place in the planet

We need to put justice before profit

We need to be less greedy and more generous

We need to look upon others as our brothers and sisters

We need to value honesty and trustworthiness

Our values will determine the outcome


April 15th, 2020



Floods in the city of my birth

Floods that could have been prevented 

Floods that originate from mistakes

Floods that took the lives of the innocent 

Floods that brought destruction and harm

Floods that could be a wake up call

The price has been paid by many lives

Lessons learned are too late for those who died  

Kindness a solace for those in need

An occasion for generosity of spirit 


March 25th, 2019

Reflections on wealth, class and looks

Reflections on wealth, looks and class

How far can wealth, looks and class take you?

Wealth is good but it’s here today and not the next
Plus wealth brings its own problems
There is always someone who is more wealthy than you
One can never say one has enough wealth
So, if that’s what we’re after, we’ll never get there

Wealth also puts you in a bubble of sorts
Everyone around you is the same
You’ll end up living in a world that’s not real
You can easily lose touch with the average man
And possibly your humanity

Good looks is Ok
But by now we know
It’s as impermanent as water colour
And as deceiving as fool’s gold!

Plus if what’s on the outside
Is not reflected inside
It’s no use
Good looks does not comfort you
Support you
Or encourage you
A kind heart is what does that
And that definitely does not depend on good looks

What is that?
How do we decide if someone has class?
For me the classiest things are humility
Generosity and empathy
This is what I would be looking for
The outward stuff tends to take the fun out of life
One needs to take oneself so seriously

Good looks are good only
If accompanied by a good heart
Wealth is good
If we use it the right way
If it doesn’t go to our head
If it doesn’t blind us to the rest of the world
If it’s earned honestly and with hard work

Class is good
If one’s actions are classy
Not one’s appearance only
No one wants a classy friend
With a cold heart

By themselves wealth, class and looks
Don’t amount to much
They are empty shells that will disappoint
In the long run

On the other hand
Kindness, generosity, humility and such
Add to wealth that can’t be taken away
Beauty that will never fade
And a classiness that is real!

Lida Berghuis
November 11th, 2015

Me, me, me!

The insistent self!
Me, myself and I!
What suits me!
What benefits me!

Me me me!
My my my!
My comfort!
My pleasure!
My fame and fortune!

That’s all good and that’s all well!
But it doesn’t lead to lasting happiness!
Let’s look at the times I’ve been happy
Let’ examine them, let’s see!

Isn’t it when I’ve helped someone else?
Made someone else’s day?
Showed someone else the way?

Isn’t it when I do for others
What I hope others would do for me?
Isn’t it when I treat others
With kindness and generosity?

Why is that?
Because that’s what I’m meant to do!
Who I’m meant to be!
How I’m meant to live!

Sadness comes when I think of myself
My problems, my challenges
Sadness comes when I don’t get my way

The insistent ‘I’ needs to be tamed!
Needs to be controlled!
Needs to be transformed!

‘I’ needs to be replaced with ‘we’
Therein lies felicity
This is the road I choose for me!

Lida Berghuis
September 16th, 2013

How much, and of what?

How much sugar?
How much fat?
and what kind of fat
Should I eat?
All fats are not created the same
The good ones we must have
The bad ones will kill us slowly

Detoxifying is the rage
Watermelon fast
Juice fast and the rest

Must eat whole-grain wheat
And brown rice
Quinoa is even better
Protein is a must!
But not the fatty protein of red meat
Or chicken or veal
Must go for nuts, eggs, legumes, or tuna
In each meal

Must drink lots of water
Even when we don’t feel like it
Hydration is essential
It helps us think more clearly!

And juice is a no-no
All that sugar is bad
It’s empty calories
And too many calories are bad

We now have the cure-all of the day
It’s quinoa one day
Flax seed the other day
Vitamin D, the third

Too much fat on the belly
Not good for your heart
Exercise a necessity
If optimum health you want

Now don’t get me wrong
I like all that advice
Who doesn’t wan to look good
And live healthy and long?
But with all this attention
We give our bodies
I just hope we won’t forget
The rest of us

Our mind, our heart, and our soul
Need attention too
A soul-diet high on generosity and justice
A heart-diet with lots of love and kindness
And a mind-diet of focusing only on the good and positive
That would also help us feel good and feel fit!

Lida Berghuis

November 29th, 2013



Smile and world will smile at you
Open your arms and the world will receive you

Radiate good thoughts
Good will come your way
Be generous
You will be rewarded

The positive vibes you send out
Attract goodness no doubt
The warmth you impart
Will be your own reward

We don’’t give to receive
We give because it brings joy
Give generously
And happiness will be yours

There is always weakness
And darkness if you look for it
Why waste that energy
No need for it

The most flawed person
Has something that can be praised
Focus on that
Leave the rest!

January 5th, 2012
Lida Berghuis