Hard-headed girl!

I don’t wanna!
You can’t make me!
I’ll do it my way!

What is that?
Is that rebelliousness?
Is it being strong willed or hard-headed?
Is it being unreasonable
For no good reason?

Whatever it is
It’s a part of me
It’s been that way
And it will be

It can be seen as
Being independent-minded
Not a follower
But a trendsetter
It can be problematic too
Because sometimes
Following directions is what is needed

But that’s so boring
So predictable
So normal
Much better to be different and stand out!
There is however the risk of
Being wrong
Been there, done that
Many times!

I still tend not to follow some rules
Don’t like to be told what to do
Don’t want to be like everyone else
And that will sometimes mean
Learning from my mistakes!

I value independence of thought
Trying the way that has not be tried
Doing things that haven’t been done
Going somewhere I’m not sure of

I will follow most rules most times
But not all of them, all the time!

Lida Berghuis
September 14th, 2013

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