Where has kindness gone?


Where has kindness gone?

I miss it so

It used to perfume the air

It made the flowers bloom

It could be felt in the spring air

It would illumine the room

Where has kindness gone?

I miss it so

The days are darker now

The sun is hiding behind the clouds

I’m sure if kindness came back

The sun would shine again

Where has kindness gone?

People don’t smile that much 

No one lends a helping hand 

No one talks to each other on the street

No one brings flowers anymore

Where has kindness gone?

Is it hiding at the end of a rainbow?

Is it in the pot of gold?

It’s time for kindness to come back

We need it so

January 24th

Inspired by a poem written by a friend in Iran

One thought on “Where has kindness gone?

  1. Look deep within dear soul all that you are and all that you will ever be is love and kindness. Does the rose worry about its thorns when she busts into eloquent bloom? No, for she knows that she is safe, beautiful and allowed to be all she was created to be. Dear me a bit OTT from me, still thank you for sharing your kindness dear soul in doing so your kindness is well and kindly noted 🙏


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