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Our part


Sometimes a handful of people make decisions
That affect millions of people

Wise decisions can be made

Dangerous decisions can be made


Those decisions will be made

One way or another

And we don’t have much influence on them


All we can do is to do our share

To bring a little kindness into the world

To show compassion to one another

And to see all of us as members of one family


January 2019

Connected world

What an amazing world we live in
We are connected through ether*
We travel on the wings of love
Distances disappear magically
It’s like we are sitting side by side

No need to be in the same physical space
To communicate now
Hearts can connect though miles apart

It’s a blessed time we live in
The world has shrunk
It has become one country
We are brothers and sisters all

June 14th, 2015

It was thought that electromagnetic waves travelled
through a substance yet unknown, but called ether!

Soul sisters

A mighty torrent flows
From heavens above
If I stand under it
It will wash off the dross

Is always there
If I open my heart

Words written long ago
By the hands of one who’s gone
Touch my heart

Sisters in this tradition
We call poetry
Women writing
For themselves and humanity

Women’s voices
Were often not heard
But times are changing
Woman’s voice is now honored

May 21st, 2004

Reading Homage to Emily Dickinson
By Roger White