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Spring cleaning

imageThe season of Spring cleaning has arrived
But to be honest, I don’t do much extra cleaning
Around the house at this time

I was thinking about spring cleaning my heart though
Washing the dross off my soul
And adorning it with beautiful virtues:

Kindness, gentleness, patience
Exuberance, enthusiasm and joy!

Seeing the good in everyone
Having a sin-covering eye

Speaking with kindness and love
Avoiding  being critical

Holding the hand of one who hurts
Trying to cheer them up

This kind of Spring cleaning makes sense to me
I should actually do it all year around
March 8th, 2016

The gift of calamity

“In the path of the Blessed Beauty, I have experienced but little adversity… I pray that I will be given the opportunity to attain the gift of calamity in His path!”
Dr. A. M. Davudi

“The gift of calamity”
What does this phrase imply?
What does it mean?

Perhaps the lover of Truth is so intoxicated
With the wine of the love of God
That calamity in His the path
Is seen as a gift!

To see calamity as a gift
Requires deep faith
And the letting go of self and ego!

When one is released from the prison of self
Imprisonment will seem like freedom
Freedom from the desires of the insistent self

When one is released from the prison of self
Fear leaves and contentment pitches its tent

When one is released from the prison of self
Anger and injustice can be met with kindness and generosity

When on is released from the prison of self
There is nothing one can’t achieve

The Beloved is the focus
His will reigns supreme
One’s comfort and ease
One’s wishes and dreams
Take second place to His wishes
He who wants nothing but
The illumination of that soul
The development of his capacities
The polishing of the mirror of his heart
And the appearance of the gems of virtues

When one is released from the prison of self
One dies to the world
One becomes dust in the pathway of the Beloved
One only wants to serve and love others
Now and all through eternity

Lida Berghuis
October 1st, 2013

Children of half-light


Children of half-light
We sometimes know what’’s
Wrong and right
But when it comes to action
We falter and fall

We know kindness and honesty
Is where it’’s at
But sometimes we let in
Anger and lie despite that

We know we’’re all one
Black, brown and white
But we seem to forget that
At the crucial time

We know man and woman
Are equal in the sight of God
But we don’’t know how that
Translates into every day life

We know tact and wisdom
Are what we need
But where do we find
These commodities?

We know the value of friendship
And comradery
But don’’t take the time
To cultivate it

We know wealth and power
Are illusions
But that Mercedes looks
So good, nevertheless!

We know what we have
We can’’t take with us
But we accumulate
This earthly dust

We know salvation
Lies in virtues and love
But acquiring them
Can be a steep climb

Children of half-light
We struggle and learn
There is no fast way
To gain wisdom they say

Patience and compassion
For ourselves
Will ease our pain
And show us the way

Lida Berghuis
September 11th, 2011