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Tragedy and comdy

I go to Youtube as I do every morning

To hear the news of the day about Iran

I play a clip about three innocent young men

Who were executed ruthlessly

To serve as examples for others who want to protest

Then I play a clip of a Finnish comic

Making interesting observations about the English language

Finnish is a most interesting language too

With words as long as a sentence with no space

Why switch from serious to silly you may wonder

Because the news of the world is too hard to bear

Without some comic relief

So much injustice

So much pain

My psyche can’t handle too much of that

I need the comic relief

To be able to get on with my day

May 19th, 2023

Looking for calm


Back and forth
Back and forth
From icon to icon
On my cell phone:
I read
I listen
I contemplate
And repeat…

Too much news?
Too much information?
Too much screen time?

So I put my phone away
Open my notebook
And start to write

Suddenly time slows down
I relax
I don’t have to process so much information
I don’t have to listen to sad news
I can be in my place of calm

The coffee shops are closed
So, the comfortable chair in our bedroom, by the window
Is where I’m writing today
It’s cloudy and
We’re longing for the return of the sun

We’re all doing our best to cope
To stay connected to friends
To avoid getting cabin fever
To do things in new and different ways

Thankful that writing centres me
Thankful that I’m in touch with my friends
Hoping we’ll emerge stronger and wiser
When we’ve made it through these challenging times

April 2nd, 2020

Today’s news

purple flower

Our world seems like a very dark place at times

Injustice prevails

Rights are trampled on

People are silenced

The fear of the other persists 

It saddens the heart to read the news

Greed, abuse of power and crime the topics we see

Sometimes sprinkled in there is a little good news

But mostly bad news is what we hear

How can we deal with this darkness?

How can we keep hope alive?

Individually, I think

All we can do is to contribute to the light

Do acts of kindness without being asked

Encourage those around us

Take part in positive projects and

Raise children who will do the same

We can’t eliminate darkness 

But we stay optimistic and work towards better times

December 6th, 2019


Do you sometimes feel like
You’ve heard enough bad news?

Enough crazy talk on TV
About how the solution to everything
Is to build a wall and isolate ourselves

Enough disturbing talk about ‘the others’
Those who are ‘evil’
Those whose parents come from somewhere else

Enough news of people
Dying needlessly
And no one being able to
Change anything
Because of big money and greed

I’m at that point
Don’t want to hear the negativity
The attacks
The counter attacks
The spin

Answers that don’t say anything
Statements that come out of nowhere
And are paraded as truth

I know I’ll listen to the news again
But for now, I need a break
June 14th, 2016