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Good side effects


Chemo medications have side effects

So, they give you pre-medications which also has side effects

You tolerate the side effects of the pre-meds

So that you don’t have to deal with those of the actual meds

Nausea is one of the main problems of chemo

So they give you drugs to counteract that

Of course, we are grateful 

But what to do with the side effects of the nausea meds?

It’s a tangled web

But one that is necessary

The best way we can remove the cancer cells from our bodies

The same medications that kill the cancer cells

Kill our hair follicles as well

But luckily, this hair loss is temporary

And the hope is that the cancer cells never come back

Our nails can get darkened due to chemo too

But there is always nail polish

Our eyebrows will get thinner

But there is eyebrow pencil to help us out

I should not forget to mention the good side effects of chemo

For weeks I haven’t needed to shave or wash my hair

February 18th, 2023

Am I stressed?


Am I under constant stress due to my cancer treatment?

I’d say no

It’s been seven months since the diagnosis

The first few weeks very stressful

The sense of disbelief

Getting used to the idea or accepting it

All the what-ifs that go through your mind

And then accepting what’s to come

Initially, I thought I’d only need surgery and radiation

But then came the news of chemo

That was a tough pill to swallow

But we have no choice but to accept

The surprises life brings us

Acceptance brings us a certain level of peace

The first three months of chemo were tough

Especially because my mood was affected

Now, I’m back to my normal life

And so happy to be writing again

So, I’m not stressed right now

Just going through the various stages of treatment

Knowing that the prognosis is good

Feeling the love and support of my family and friends

And making the best of the situation that I’m in

January 31st, 2023

What more could I want?


My Chemo holiday is almost over

Tomorrow blood test and my meeting with my oncologist

And Wednesday, back to the hospital to get some Taxol in me

Compared to my chemo before the New Year

This is a walk in the park

Yes, there are side effects

Fatigue, the funny taste in my mouth, my tongue being sore sometimes

But they are very tolerable

Two more months of Taxol and I’ll be done with chemo

What an experience it has been

As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

After chemo, my body gets a break

Then comes one more surgery

Followed by radiation therapy 

And finally I’ll have reconstruction surgery

It’s a long road

But I’m living my life

I’m writing and working on publishing my books

Life goes on

Of course I will be happy when this period is over

But I’ll try to make the best of the journey I’m on

My cancer diary keeps me company

My friends shower me with love and encouragement 

My family is most supportive

What more could I want?

January 29th, 2023

My chemo ring


My chemo ring

What might that be, you may wonder

Let me explain

When I found I needed chemotherapy

I was shocked and taken off guard

I thought I would be done after my surgery for breast cancer

But the surgery revealed things that meant 

My treatment was not over yet

I needed chemotherapy and more surgery

I especially did not look forward to chemotherapy 

I’d never heard of a good chemo experience

Hair loss and unpleasant side effects are all I knew about it

So, to make the situation more palatable

I decided to treat myself to something

And that would be my chemo ring

Recently I had bough a ring for my right ring finger

It had a little bling, which is what I was looking for

Now, I wanted to buy a ring with bling for my right index finger

And by bling I mean fake diamonds

I just love glitter but 

I don’t like the price of diamonds

There are many alternatives these days

So, when I was at the jewelry store for another reason

I decided to look at their rings too

I found one that looked nice and was not too expensive

And that’s how my chemo ring came to be

It had the required bling of course

January 25th, 2023

Sharing my journey


We usually don’t talk about illnesses like cancer

Many people decide to keep it to themselves

I can understand that

I hesitated a little at first

But not for long

I live a very transparent life

So the friends I’m in touch with regularly found out first

There is the initial sense of surprise 

And then come the warm comforting thoughts

The advantage of sharing of the news of this illness with friends

Is receiving their love and support and 

Their prayers and well wishes

They reach out to you and let you know 

You are not alone in this journey

Cancer treatment has advanced substantially 

If detected early, the prognosis is good

So, I’m sharing my journey with my friends

Their love and compassion sustains me and gives me strength 

January 18th, 2023

My finger nails



Different kinds of chemo have different side effects

There could be a funny taste in your mouth

Food may not seem as flavour full as before

Nausea is a common one

And hair loss as well as fatigue

There is a strange side effect that involves the finger nails

They start getting darker at the cuticle end

And that dark patch expands gradually

First it happened to my thumb nails

And then the other finger nails

The toe nails too

My oncologist said I could paint my nails

But I’ve decided it doesn’t bother me so much

No one stares at may nails anyway

And this will be over in a few months


January 17th, 2023

My bead necklace


It’s a handmade necklace made of Amazonite, Gladstone and Honey Clacite beads

The Honey Calcite beads are translucent and in shades of yellow and orange

Exactly how you would expect them to be

They are believed to increase confidence and courage

And assist in overcoming obstacles

The Amazonite beads are opaque and in shades of light green

They dispel negative energy and calm the nervous system 

And help in maintaining good health 

The Gladstone beads come in different shades

Mine glitter and are a dark goldish colour

These beads are said to have healing powers and call your spirit into serenity

But the most special aspect of this necklace

Is the love that went into creating it

The thoughtfulness

The generosity 

The caring

It is a gift from a kindhearted soul

Who is concerned about my well being

Time and creativity and positive energy

Have gone into making it

And a lot of goodwill

Those things by themselves bring me joy and healing 

January 16th, 2023

Being human


Some people say I am strong

In the way I’m dealing with my cancer

But they have not seen me in my weaker moments

Moments of dealing with shock and confusion

Moments of what ifs…

Moments of sorrow

Or perhaps that’s all part of one’s response

To the traumatic events in life

And there is no contradiction

After all, we are human

We can feel disheartened

We can get caught off guard

We need to grieve

We can’t always be strong

January 10th, 2023

Chemo is not fun


Three months of a/c chemo for breast cancer is finished

Three months of Taxol to go

That means three months of heavy chemo is behind me

And twelve weekly chemos ahead

Chemo is not fun

While attacking cancer cells

Other parts of your body are under attack too

Side effects are different for everyone

But nausea, fatigue, low energy and low mood are not fun

As chemo kills the fast dividing cancer cells

Other fast dividing cells are killed as well

Our hair cells are one such cells

The unwanted effects of chemo is the price one pays

To get one’s health back

The alternative is much worse

I need to be thankful that treatment exists

Probably treatments will be even better in the future

But for now 

Nausea, hair loss, fatigue and other side effects

Are things I need to live with

A disease that always had a negative outcome

Is now treatable

It’s important to keep things in perspective

January 6th, 2023

The dreaded shave


Losing my hair to chemo was traumatic

It’s not natural to lose your hair in clumps

To see it fall out in the shower in large amounts 

To see it thinning day after day 

Losing your hair to chemo does not happen naturally

Does not happen gradually 

My hairdresser gave me a pixie cut to postpone the inevitable 

It worked for two or three days

But even short hair falls out 

You keep seeing it on the shower floor and 

In your hands when you run your finger through your hair

It’s distressing to say the least

You wonder if and when you have to ask for the dreaded shave

But at a certain point

That’s preferable to seeing hair fall out continually

January 9th, 2021