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The answer is no!


You want me to cover my hair

I say no!

You say it’s the sign of piety

I say no!

You say it will protect me from harm

I say no!

You say otherwise I’ll excite men

I say no!

You can’t convince me to do something I don’t want to do

You don’t realize how strong I am

You have tried to put me down

But each time, you see me rise 

You fear me and my courage 

You should!

I am determined and won’t back down 

I will continue this fight 

I see you are worried and

You should be! 

Women, life, liberty!

March 2023 

Let us breathe


What we want is an ordinary life

We don’t ask for much

Just allow us to wear what we want

What’s the harm in that?

Just allow us to speak freely

What are you afraid of?

Just allow us these normal things

Safety in the streets

Practicing our religion

Equality regardless of ethnicity

Just treat women like you treat men

This is the 21st century

The old ways of looking at the world do not work

Old rules and laws do not suit our society 

What we ask for are simple things 

Just let us breathe!

February 25th, 2023

They persist


I look and listen from a distance

And see a nation in turmoil and pain

People asking for justice and equality

Asking for a normal and acceptable quality of life

But change does not come easily

There is always resistance and pushback

Nevertheless the clock cannot be turned back

People are no longer content with the status quo

They continue to speak up 

Despite the crackdowns

Despite the threats

Despite the imprisonments

And despite the executions

I admire the strength and courage 

Of my countrymen and women

I worry for their safety and security

And I look forward to the day 

When their sacrifices will have paid off

And peace and security and equality prevails

January 6th, 2023

For the courageous people of Iran



You say I should cover my hair and body 

So I don’t  tempt men

I say men should be and are stronger than that

You say the headscarf is a sign of modesty

I say it’s a means of control 

You say dancing excites the other sex

I say dancing brings joy into my life

You say women’s singing voice shouldn’t be heard

I say you are depriving society of so much

You say women are the weaker sex

And they need protection

I say you haven’t seen what we are capable of

You say the place of women is at home

I say society needs our contribution 

You hit, and arrest and try to torture women into submission

I say this cruelty is much worse than what you consider immodesty 

You do these things in the name of religion

I say religion is for peace

You fear women it seems

And you should because women are strong and courageous

And will fight for their equality like lionesses till they achieve their goal

October 17th, 2022

Hear me roar


I am woman, hear me roar
Hear me cry out with the pent of anger of years
Hear me shout the anthem of freedom
Hear me voice my grievances
It’s been long enough
And I’m tired of being told who I should be

I am woman, hear me roar
With the courage of a lioness
Prepared to fight for her home
Prepared to protect her kin
With fervour and ferocity

I am woman, hear me roar
Don’t expect me to be quiet any longer
Don’t try to control me because it does not work
A sense of justice has been awakened with in me
Which can set fire to injustice and brutality

I am woman, hear me roar
I am stronger than you think
When I want to defend my rights
I am an opponent you should fear

I am a woman hear me roar:
Woman, life, liberty!

October 15th, 2022

Every woman


She was every woman 

She could be me 

She could be you 

She was not political 

She was a visitor, a guest 

Is that how one treats a guest?

Is that how one treats a sister or a mother?

She was every woman 

And she was killed senselessly 

She was killed in a most cruel manner 

She was killed with a lot of anger 


Because she was a woman

And did not closely follow the unreasonable dictates of the regime 

She was every woman 

And she was killed brutally 

She awakened again the anger that was smouldering for years

She brought them into the streets

Demanding freedom, equality, a normal life

And a future they could look forward to 

She was every woman

And she will be remembered in history 

As one whose death started a revolution

October 13, 2022

Extraordinary times

E56F3692-CF78-43D7-B9FA-A14F88135C97These are extraordinary times
These are days of solidarity
When people put their lives on the line
For freedom of thought
For dignity
For truthfulness
For Justice
For equality

These are unprecedented times
When young and old are united
And speak with one voice

These are terrible times
When young people and children are sacrificed to uphold an ideology
The price they are paying is very high
The grief their parents and their supporters feel is immense
But their blood will water the plant of freedom

These are hopeful times
Because a nation has come together
Discovered the power there is in unity
And is marching on a path that leads to freedom

These are important times
The world has heard the cry of the people of Iran
And is arising in solidarity and protesting in the streets
To ensure the freedom of the people of this land

These are formative times
A new system based on respect for all
Based on diversity of thought and belief
Based on fundamental human rights
Is being forged

These are extraordinary times
Women are in the forefront of change
Their valour is on display
They are tired of the status quo
They are the freedom fighters of today

October 12, 2022

Never lose hope


It’s been years that I’ve been wondering when will freedom return to Iran
When will women be able to choose how they dress themselves
When can they freely and without fear walk in the streets
When will they not be considered the weaker sex
When will their contributions to society inside and outside the home will be celebrated
When can they bike and swim and sing and dance
When can they be the voice of half of their communities
It’s been years
I’ve hoped
And then my hopes were dashed
Then a glimmering of a dawn
Before darkness enveloped that land
It’s been years
And I’ve thought to myself sometimes
I will return to Iran one day
But that day wearing the headscarf will no longer be mandatory
Women will show their lovely hair
And laugh and sing with joy about the freedom that has been so long in coming

October 11th, 2022

Cry of equality


What do women of Iran want?


What does that mean?

To be treated with respect and dignity

To participate in all arenas of society

Women want to wear what they want

And not be controlled in the name of Islam

They want to feel the wind in their hair

They want the end of the separation of women and men everywhere

They want not to be told what they can and can’t do

They want an end to the harassment they have long endured

October 8th, 2022

A new dawn


For a future that is bright

For a time when the sun shines equally on everyone

For freedom of speech

When one can speak about what’s in one’s heart

For a time when a dual life ends

When one can behave the same way inside and outside one’s house

For the dawn of the equality of women and men

For the fruition of a cause long fought for

For the feeling of the wind in one’s hair

For biking and swimming in freedom

For a time when ethnicity matters not

For a time when freedom of religion exists

For a time when people stop leaving their homeland

Because they cannot see their future in Iran

For a time when love and harmony reigns

When hatred is gone

For the time of coming together of a nation

To demand their freedom of thought

For unity

For solidarity

For compassion for one’s fellow man

For decency 


And leaders one can count on

For Mahsa

For Nika

And so many more who sacrificed their lives

For the dawn of a new day in Iran

October 7th, 2022