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My bead necklace


It’s a handmade necklace made of Amazonite, Gladstone and Honey Clacite beads

The Honey Calcite beads are translucent and in shades of yellow and orange

Exactly how you would expect them to be

They are believed to increase confidence and courage

And assist in overcoming obstacles

The Amazonite beads are opaque and in shades of light green

They dispel negative energy and calm the nervous system 

And help in maintaining good health 

The Gladstone beads come in different shades

Mine glitter and are a dark goldish colour

These beads are said to have healing powers and call your spirit into serenity

But the most special aspect of this necklace

Is the love that went into creating it

The thoughtfulness

The generosity 

The caring

It is a gift from a kindhearted soul

Who is concerned about my well being

Time and creativity and positive energy

Have gone into making it

And a lot of goodwill

Those things by themselves bring me joy and healing 

January 16th, 2023

Self care


We are the best advocates for ourselves

At the end of the day we are responsible

To take care of our physical and mental health

This taking care takes different shapes for different people

Some like to pamper themselves with a massage

Some like to shop

Some like to go for a walk in nature

Some like to hang out with a friend

Whatever that self care looks like for you

Please put it on our to-do list

And not at the bottom of the list

Where it goes most of the time

Take that needed activity and move it to the top of the list

You will be glad you did

I still have to remind myself to not make excuses

For foregoing my care routine

I can get swept up in other people’s needs

I can say I’ll do one day without it

But each time I take the time to care for myself

I feel happy I did

Self care is essential not optional

Others will also benefit from a happier you

August 29th, 2022



Blessed to be feeling well

Blessed to have time to write


Blessed with my family

Blessed to live in freedom


It’s these seemingly little things we take for granted

That affect us so much


They don’t scream at us

They whisper very softly 


It’s when we lose these things

That we notice how important they are


Anytime I want to complain

I ask myself what I’m thankful for


I remind myself of the little things

And listen very carefully

December 4th, 2019

Simply grateful

white flower

When joy gives me wings to fly
When a kind voice warms my heart
When everything seems right with the world
When I feel blessed despite the trials
I feel grateful
Simply grateful

When a good friend reaches out to me
When what I write brings someone cheer
When people come together in a common cause
When the doors open on every side
I feel grateful
Simply grateful

When it seems my prayers have been heard
When I feel healthy and content
When I can write and contemplate
I feel grateful
Simply grateful

And that’s how I feel as I write these lines
With a heart full of joy and a big bright smile
I’m feeling grateful
Simply grateful

December 17th, 2017

The little voice I don’t listen to…

I may have figured out my limits somewhat…
But sometimes I don’t read the signals my body and mind
Send me, correctly

The ‘I’m tired’ signal is ignored
The ‘I’m frustrated’ signal is dismissed
The ‘I’ve taken on too much’ signal is pushed away!

At these times
I forget that I’m not super-human
I forget that I can say No!
I forget that I can drop projects temporarily
I forget that I can ask for help
I forget that my energy rises and falls
And sometimes I can do more, and sometimes
I need to do less!

I get caught up in the ‘rat race’ of service
I think more is better
That I will manage somehow
That next week, I will be less tired
That soon, I will catch up on my sleep!
That if I keep smiling, I won’t cry!

I forget to advocate for myself
I forget I don’t have to please everyone
I forget it’s my responsibility to know my limits
And say ‘no’ when it has been reached!

I forget that I need a lot of down-time
Time to write
Time to reflect
Time to meditate
Time to relax!

I keep going despite fatigue
Despite the fact that I get a feeling that
I have taken on too much again!

I don’t listen to the voice that tells me
It’s too much…
You’re not getting enough rest!
You need to ask for help!
You need to communicate better!

… Until it’s too late!

Lida Berghuis
August 31st, 2014

It can wait!

I don’t care what’s on my to-do list
The phone calls can wait
The errands and the chores
The decisions that need to be made
The bills that need to be paid
The laundry that needs to be done
Can wait
It has to wait
If I want to keep my sanity
It has to wait
Because I need a break
It has to wait
Because I’m not a machine
It has to wait
Or I will break!

Today I give myself permission
To do the things I love!
Today I allow myself
To be a child at heart!

Is my day of rest
I take responsibility for my health
I’ll put the lessons I’ve learned into use
And I won’t wait till it’s too late
I choose to play
So tomorrow I can get back to work again!

Lida Berghuis
October 18th, 2011

Note to self!

Cautiously optimistic
Sunny with a chance of showers
Is the weather forecast
Enjoy the sun
But bring an umbrella along

Run but pace yourself
Rest is also needed
Or your will be overwhelmed

Smile but don’t be over confident
You never know
What’s around the bend

Set goals, but know your limits
If pushed too hard
You are setting yourself
For a fall

The middle path is the best
And most important
Plan ahead

Watch out for the pothole
You drove over last time
Reflect before you decide
The stakes are high

Your friends will stand by you
In times of need
Nurture your friendships
They are life savers indeed!

Sunny with a chance of showers,
Fog, or hailstorms
Such is life
The forecast can change at any time

Lida Berghuis
November 29th, 2010