Happiness is contentment!

imageHappiness is finding reasons to be happy now!
Happiness that depends on some distant goal
Some yet to be achieved milestone
Will fade as soon as the goal is reached
Because we’ll set ourselves another goal!

Happiness is in thinking of all the blessing we have now
All the things that are going right
All the things we may take for granted…
Happiness is in contentment

Goals are good
But happiness should not wait till they are achieved
Let’s give thanks for what we have today
It can be health
It can be family
It can be having coffee on a sunny day!

Happiness is having good friends
Friends who support us in times of trials
Happiness is in viewing trials as gifts
From the heavens above

Happiness is in finding meaning in life
Helping others less fortunate than us
Happiness is contentment

Lida Berghuis
September 1st 2013

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