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Here are my wishes for the new year

I wish for peace in the hearts

I wish for love among men

I wish for justice, so rare these days

I wish for laughter to bring you joy

I wish for understanding that we are one

I wish by Saadi’s wish we would abide

I wish for being kind to nature

I wish for brotherhood among men

I wish we’ll think of others more than ourselves

I wish we take the necessary steps

To build communities that thrive

I wish we each do our share to change the world

And above all, I wish you contentment!

December 31st, 2020

Our lives



We all have weaknesses

It’s good to acknowledge them

But then we need to move on

And do our best to be better

Our situation may not be 

What we want it to be

But since we are here

Let’s make the best of it

Our life may have unfolded 

A little differently than we thought

But we should not lose sight 

Of the blessings that have come our way

We might not live exactly where we want to live 

But we have to look for opportunities where we are

They say, seek and you shall find

Our reality is shaped by our thoughts 

Thoughts of thankfulness bring us joy

It’s easy to yearn for what we don’t have

But difficult to be content with what we have

Our happiness is based on our attitude 

Cherishing little things, 

And not taking what we have for granted

This life is our school 

Learning our lessons what we’re here to do


December 26th, 2019

Reflecting on life


Sometimes I forget I’m fifty five

After all what is age but a number 

I think what matters is how we feel

What our attitude is

How open to learning we are

How much joy and contentment we feel

What we are doing with our lives

If we’re sharing our gifts with others


Youth does not need to die

It can be transformed 



Our minds are as sharp as they ever were

Our curiosity the same

Our need for adventure still alive

Our ability for being of serving others

Perhaps more

So, why do we worry about getting older?

December 3rd, 2019

Waiting for happiness…

If you’re not happy now
You won’t be happy
After getting where you want to get
Having what you want to have
Being what you want to be

So often we think
When I have finished my studies…
When I’m married…
When my kids are in school…
When I’ve published my first book…

We think our happiness depends on
Those mile posts
That somehow crossing the finish line
Will change something in us
Will bring us joy and happiness
Will be essential to us feeling fulfilled

But joy comes from contentment
From peace of mind
From believing in something greater than us
From setting lofty goals
From not being self-centered
From reaching out to others
In their time of need

And none of this is dependent on where
We are in our lives
And what mile posts we have crossed
We need to have goals
But we can be happy at any point in our lives

November 17th, 2015
Lida Berghuis

The gift of calamity

“In the path of the Blessed Beauty, I have experienced but little adversity… I pray that I will be given the opportunity to attain the gift of calamity in His path!”
Dr. A. M. Davudi

“The gift of calamity”
What does this phrase imply?
What does it mean?

Perhaps the lover of Truth is so intoxicated
With the wine of the love of God
That calamity in His the path
Is seen as a gift!

To see calamity as a gift
Requires deep faith
And the letting go of self and ego!

When one is released from the prison of self
Imprisonment will seem like freedom
Freedom from the desires of the insistent self

When one is released from the prison of self
Fear leaves and contentment pitches its tent

When one is released from the prison of self
Anger and injustice can be met with kindness and generosity

When on is released from the prison of self
There is nothing one can’t achieve

The Beloved is the focus
His will reigns supreme
One’s comfort and ease
One’s wishes and dreams
Take second place to His wishes
He who wants nothing but
The illumination of that soul
The development of his capacities
The polishing of the mirror of his heart
And the appearance of the gems of virtues

When one is released from the prison of self
One dies to the world
One becomes dust in the pathway of the Beloved
One only wants to serve and love others
Now and all through eternity

Lida Berghuis
October 1st, 2013

Happiness is contentment!

imageHappiness is finding reasons to be happy now!
Happiness that depends on some distant goal
Some yet to be achieved milestone
Will fade as soon as the goal is reached
Because we’ll set ourselves another goal!

Happiness is in thinking of all the blessing we have now
All the things that are going right
All the things we may take for granted…
Happiness is in contentment

Goals are good
But happiness should not wait till they are achieved
Let’s give thanks for what we have today
It can be health
It can be family
It can be having coffee on a sunny day!

Happiness is having good friends
Friends who support us in times of trials
Happiness is in viewing trials as gifts
From the heavens above

Happiness is in finding meaning in life
Helping others less fortunate than us
Happiness is contentment

Lida Berghuis
September 1st 2013

The colour of contentment

What is the colour of contentment?
Pale pink
Like the petals of a flower
Stretched out in the spring sun
It’s easy on the eyes
Soothing to the soul
Contentment is one of my goals in life

What’ is the colour of gratitude?
Bright orange like the rays of the sun
It comes out in the morning
As I wake up

What is the colour of persistence?
dark blue
It’s a colour I haven’t been using much
But I intend to…

What is the colour of the spirit?
Pure white…
This colour enchants us
And transports us to another wold
This is my favorite colour of all

What is the colour of creativity?
It’’s crimson red
Like the colour of molten lava
That flows from the depth of
Our hearts

What’ is the colour of joy?
Bright red, like flames of fire
In the night sky
It warms, it delights
It brings us together
Like laughter or a heartfelt hug!

What is the colour of serenity?
Off white
Pure like spirit, gentle and kind
Serenity comes from wisdom

What is the colour of diversity?
The colours of the rainbow in the sky
The rainbow of diversity ends in
The pot of gold
I appreciate diversity
It’s in my blood!

Lida Berghuis
March 25th, 2010